20 Fun and Easy Diwali Crafts for Kids to Ignite Their Creativity

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Celebrate the festival of lights with your little ones by engaging in 20 Fun and Easy Diwali crafts that are sure to ignite kids’ creativity.

Diwali, also known as Deepavali, is a joyous and colourful Hindu festival celebrated worldwide. It’s the perfect time to bond with your kids and introduce them to the rich cultural traditions of Indian heritage.

In this article, we present a collection of delightful craft ideas that are suitable for children of all ages.

Ready to get started on your creative Diwali adventure? Let these 20 Easy and Enjoyable crafts be your guide!

Diwali Crafts for kids

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From making beautiful Diwali cards to creating vibrant rangolis, these crafts will not only entertain your kids but also teach them the importance of the festival.

To explore each craft further, just select the Craft Title. You’ll discover detailed step-by-step instructions, engaging video tutorials, and Free craft templates.

Let’s jump right in!

Torn Paper Diya Craft

Creating a beautiful diya is a breeze when you use torn papers along with our Free Diya Template. Choose vibrant colours for the best results.

This project is an excellent way to enhance fine motor skills.

Torn paper Diya craft - diwali Craft

Paper Plate Diya Craft

In just two minutes, you can craft two large Diyas using each paper plate. They are perfect for decorating entire walls and creating a festive atmosphere.

Paper Diya Craft 

Accordion-style paper-folded Diyas are ideal for a cosy evening craft. You also have the option to customize your own unique design.

Paper Diya Craft Template

Diya Templates for Arts and crafts projects 

Discover more than 10 fantastic diya templates in various styles and sizes that kids can use for a wide range of arts and crafts projects.

Diya Template in different sizes

Henna Handprint Craft

Henna art is a cherished tradition during Diwali. For those who don’t have access to traditional mehendi (henna), these handprint henna art creations are sure to captivate kids and bring joy.

Handprint henna Craft

Torn Paper Ladoo Craft

Create a plateful of delicious Ladoos using our Free Template! This activity is perfect for kids of all ages who have a sweet tooth.

Cutting out the Plate of Ladoos

Lord Ganesh Craft

For those seeking religious crafts to celebrate Diwali, the Lord Ganesh cut-and-paste craft might be the perfect choice. Craft a visually appealing representation of the beloved deity.

Lord Ganesh Cut and Paste Craft

Paper Lantern Craft

How to make the easiest Paper Lantern Craft? Download out Template and follow our step-by-step Tutorial!

Easy Paper Lantern Craft

Q Tip Firework Craft

Among the many ideas for making fireworks, this Q-tip craft stands out. It’s not only a fantastic way to develop fine motor skills but also offers a colourful and enjoyable experience.

Q-Tip Painted Firework Craft

Popsicle Stick Rocket Craft

Construct a rocket toy using 4.5-inch popsicle sticks and paper. It’s remarkably easy to make and can provide hours of playtime fun or serve as wall decorations.

Popsicle Stick Rocket Firework Craft

Sparklers Craft

Children adore sparklers, and they’ll also delight in creating these paper sparklers. Just use bamboo skewers to fashion these delightful sparkler replicas.

Sparkler firework Craft

Paper Plate Firework Craft

Got paper plates at home? Transform them into flowerpot fireworks with this quick and easy 3D craft that you can complete in a matter of minutes.

Paper plate Flowerpot Craft

Straw – Painted Firework Craft

Here’s another firework craft where you can create beautiful patterns using straws. We’ve used plastic straws, but paper ones work just as well for this creative activity.

Diwali card idea for kids

Firecracker Card Craft

Paint paper straws red, cut them with precision, and fashion these firecracker greeting cards. These handmade cards make wonderful gifts for kids to share with their loved ones.

Ramayana Printable Puppets

Diwali commemorates the victory of Lord Rama over the demon king Ravana, as depicted in the Hindu epic Ramayana.

Bring the Ramayana characters to life with these printable puppets, adding an educational and creative element to your Diwali celebrations.

Ramayan Printable puppets

Lakshmi Cut and Paste Craft

People worship godess lakshmi during Danderas who is the godess of Wealth and abundance. Cut and paste a Lakshmi craft on this occasion of Diwali!

Lakshmi craft

Paper Lotus Craft

Explore the beauty of lotus flowers with this intricate paper craft, perfect for middle school kids. Free template included!

Lotus Craft for kids

Torn Paper Rangoli Craft

Embrace the beauty and vibrancy of Rangoli crafts, perfect not just for Diwali but any Festive occasion. Utilize torn paper to craft a stunning textured rangoli using our Free Template.

Rangoli Craft

TP Roll Tealight holder 

Recycle toilet paper rolls into colourful and unique candlelight holders for a warm Diwali ambience.

Toilet Paper Roll Candle holder diwali craft

Torn Paper Rocket Craft

Create your own colourful paper rocket fireworks and add a fantastic touch to your Diwali decorations.

Rocket Craft

Whether it’s creating paper Diya or Paper fireworks, each of these Diwali Crafts for Kids is designed to engage your child’s imagination and promote their fine motor skills.

Hope you enjoyed our Diwali Craft Ideas for Kids!  Encourage your children to explore their artistic side by trying out these simple and enjoyable crafts.

Diwali Craft for kids

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