Lakshmi Cut and Paste Craft

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Celebrate the divine beauty and prosperity of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth and abundance, with our enchanting Lakshmi Cut and Paste Craft Printable.

This downloadable craft template is a perfect way to engage in a Creative and Educational activity, this Diwali!

Perfect for family bonding, Educational purposes, or simply as a delightful DIY project to brighten your space.

Lakshmi cut and paste craft

Things you will need to make this Lakshmi Craft:

Watch the Video Tutorial on How to make a Cut and Paste Lakshmi Craft

The printable features a stunning and intricate illustration of Goddess Lakshmi. Her four hands holding symbolic elements like lotus flowers and gold coins beautifully capture her essence.

Directions to make your Cut and Paste Lakshmi Craft

Crafting this exquisite project becomes effortless for children thanks to the reference picture at the top right corner of the printable.

Step 1: Print the Lakshmi Cut and Paste Template

Print the pages on high-quality paper or cardstock.

Our template comes in two versions – one is pre-coloured for easy assembly, while the other is black and white, allowing children to personalize their own Goddess Lakshmi with colours of their choice.

Lakshmi cut and paste craft Template

For this guide, we’ll focus on the coloured version.

Step 2: Cut Out the Pieces

With precision, cut along the template’s edges to separate all the pieces. Little ones might need some assistance during this step.

Lakshmi craft Pieces

Step 3: Assemble Your Goddess Lakshmi

Start by affixing the head to the body, followed by the arms. Conclude by securing the lotus base and the hair.

For a delightful 3D touch, gently bend the arms and lotus forward!

Lakshmi craft

Feel free to add your own creative touches with colours, embellishments, or additional decorations to make the craft uniquely yours.

Use this craft as an opportunity to educate children about the cultural significance of Goddess Lakshmi and the traditions associated with her worship during Diwali and other festivals.

This printable can be used for various creative projects, including scrapbooking, greeting cards, home decor, and school projects.

Lakshmi cut and paste craft

The printable is in high resolution, ensuring that the final craft is sharp, vibrant, and visually captivating.

The completed craft measures approximately 18cm

Get the Goddes Lakshmi Cut and Paste Craft Template

Celebrate the beauty and symbolism of Lakshmi in your own home with this Lakshmi Cut and Paste Craft Printable.

Get yours today and immerse yourself in the rich culture and spirituality of India.

Learn more about Goddess Lakshmi with fun activities

  1. Help your kids to dress up as Goddess Lakshmi.
  2. Share age-appropriate stories about Goddess Lakshmi from Hindu mythology. Afterwards, encourage kids to engage in role-playing activities where they take on the roles of deities or characters from the stories.
  3. Learn a Slogan for Goddess Lakshmi
  4. Learn about Lotus and make Lotus Crafts
  5. Learn the 8 Divine Forms of Goddess Lakshmi

Lakshmi cut and paste craft

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