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Welcome to Little Ladoo, where you will find crafts and activities you love doing with your little learners. Get inspired with easy-to-make and frugal ideas to engage kids.

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Paper Plate Peacock Craft { Free Template }
Paper Plate Peacock craft
This easy and colourful paper plate peacock craft is perfect for kids of all ages. With just a few materials,
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Free Busy Book Printable – 3 Fun Activities for Toddlers
Free Busy Binder for Toddlers
If you are looking for a Free Busy Book Printable to make an Interactive Learning binder for your Toddler, you
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Rainbow Fish Craft {Free template}
This is the easiest and most beautiful way to make a Rainbow fish. Probably, a Great craft for preschoolers. Today,
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Toddler Busy Book {Stage 2}
Toddler Busy book
This Toddler Busy Book {Stage 2} has 22 Unique Activities that Toddlers, as well as preschoolers, love to Explore. This
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Toddler Busy Book {Stage 1}
Toddler busy book printable
Toddlers are Busy little beings and they can't help but be active! This Toddler Busy Book {Stage 1} is perfect
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Ocean Animals Collective Nouns Printable
Learning Collective Nouns can be an interesting Activity for Preschoolers. This interactive book of Ocean Animals makes it much more
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How to Make a Busy Book for your Child?
A Complete Guide to Assemble an Interactive Learning Binder at home Busy Books are so much fun and an Excellent
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Summer Busy Book Printable {11 Activities}
Summer Busy book
When summer is here, it's time to play with Interactive activities from the Summer Busy Book. We absolutely love the
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Toilet Paper Roll Macaw Craft {Free Template}
Looking for a fun craft project for kids with Toilet Paper Rolls? Why not make a Macaw craft! This bird
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Butterfly Symmetry Painting {Free Template}
Butterfly Symmetry Painting
How to Create a Beautiful Butterfly Painting in a few seconds? Try this Fun Art Project - Butterfly Symmetry Painting.
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