Italy Map Craft

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Engage kids in a memorable geography lesson with an Italy map craft!

Italy’s distinct shape, resembling a ‘long boot’ is Easy to identify. Crafting the country’s map enhances this recognition, making learning fun and lasting and Ideal for Italy-themed unit studies!

For this fun Project, We’ve chosen pasta, a popular Italian food ingredient, with its diverse shapes, adding an intriguing twist to the project. However, feel free to explore other mediums beyond pasta.

Things Needed for Italy Map craft

  • Italy Map – Download for Free at the end of the post
  • Pasta
  • Glue (Optional if you choose to stick the pasta)


Download and print the Free Italy Map printable at the end of this post.

Gather 3 to 5 varieties of pasta for this craft. We’ve opted for bow-tie pasta, penne pasta, and spaghetti.

You have the option to adhere the pasta pieces to the map or simply arrange them atop it.

We’ve opted for arranging them, and reserving the map for other crafts! When glueing, apply a generous amount of white glue before arranging the pasta.

Break the spaghetti into smaller pieces as necessary. While arranging them, children can also familiarize themselves with the names of the surrounding seas and the two islands – Sicily and Sardinia.

Italy map craft

Here’s the finished version of the map! Children will enjoy creating this project as it offers texture and utilizes a kitchen ingredient.

For an additional touch, you can also paint the pasta after affixing it.

Here are a few alternative ways you could utilize the map:

– Create a physical map of Italy – For Example, check our Physical map of India.
– Explore other materials such as Torn papers, leaves, flowers, etc., to craft instead of pasta.
– Utilize this map as a prompt for drawing famous Italian icons within its borders.

More Italy Ideas for Kids

Italy map craft

Download the Italy Map

Click on the line below to download the Italy Map for Education purposes. Note that it is only for Personal use. Do not share this PDF with others. Thank you! Have fun!


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