Italy Country Study Booklet

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Discover Italy with a Fun 16-page Booklet for Kids – The Italy Country Study Booklet

Whether you’re planning a family trip or want to introduce your kids to the wonders of this beautiful country, we’ve got just the thing for you! It will make learning about Italy a breeze for young learners.

Italy country study booklet printable

With our booklet, kids can engage in a variety of activities including writing, colouring, and creating their own Italy country study booklet. Each page has simple graphics and easy-to-read text, making it perfect for young learners.

What’s Inside the Book?

Our booklet covers all the basics and more, including:

  • Map
  • Location
  • Capital
  • Flag
  • Language
  • Currency
  • Popular food
  • Popular Attractions
  • Key Facts
  • Fun facts

Plus, we’ve included a cover page and two blank pages for kids to add their own discoveries!


Italy Map printable for kids

See our Italy Booklet

This book is the work of our 6-year-old.¬† We learn new facts and then colour the page¬† Every day, we read facts and colour a few pages before moving on to the next. But we haven’t completed the entire book just yet.

I’ve made some adjustments on the printable based on feedback from my daughter, such as changing the font size and type. Additionally, I’ve added another page about the Currency of Italy, which wasn’t included in the video.

How to make the Country study booklet?

Booklets are easy to prepare – Simply print out the pages, cut along the dashed lines to create two pages from each sheet, arrange the pages in order, and secure them with a stapler. It’s that easy!

Italy country study booklet printable

Before you know it, your kids will have their very own Italy country study booklet ready to go.


Whether you’re a family planning a trip or an educator teaching about different cultures, our booklet is the perfect resource for introducing kids to Italy.

food of Italy printable

Get the Italy Country Study Printable


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