Crafts for Kids

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There’s nothing quite like the joy that making simple crafts with my daughter brings me. We love to experiment with different materials and let our creativity run wild during our quiet times. That’s why, you will find here a fantastic range of easy Crafts for kids aged 3 to 10.

Crafts for kids

From holiday-themed projects to year-round activities, we have something for everyone. And what’s more, we provide free templates for most of their crafts, which makes the process so much easier.

Here is a List of all the Kid’s Crafts you will find at Little Ladoo.

Crafts with Simple Supplies

Paper Plate Crafts

  1. Paper Plate Peacock
  2. Paper Plate Monsters
  3. Paper plate Spiders
  4. Paper Plate Sheep
  5. Paper Plate Bunny
  6. Paper Plate Chick
  7. Paper Plate Cow
  8. Paper Plate Reindeer
  9. Paper Plate Santa
  10. Paper Plate Elf
  11. Paper Plate Christmas Wreath
  12. Paper plate Lord Ganesha
  13. Paper plate Rainbow Craft
  14. Paper Plate Beach Craft
  15. Paper Plate Tiger Craft

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Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

  1. Toilet Paper Roll Frog
  2. Toilet Paper Roll Macaw
  3. Toilet Paper Roll Owl
  4. Toilet Paper Roll Chick
  5. Toilet Paper Roll Halloween Crafts
  6. Toilet Paper Roll Popsicles
  7. Toilet Paper Roll Candle Holder
  8. Toilet Paper Roll Ganesha
  9. Toilet Paper Roll Totem Pole

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Crafts with Food/Things from Nature

  1. Corn Craft
  2. Twig Wreath
  3. Fall leaf Squirrel
  4. Fall leaf Durga
  5. Orange Peels Crab Craft

Craft Template

  1. Earth Template Printable
  2. Tree Template Printable
  3. Heart Template Printable
  4. Easter Egg Template Printable
  5. Bunny Template Printable
  6. Carrot Template Printable

Paper Crafts for Kids

Torn Paper Crafts

Paper Weaving Crafts

Easy Paper Crafts

3D Paper Crafts

Cut and Paste Crafts

Painting Ideas for Kids

Symmetry painting

Fork Painting Ideas

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Handprint Art

Potato Stamp Art

Fun Crafts for Kids

Name Craft

Handprint Craft

Greeting Card Ideas

Headband Crafts

Book Inspired Crafts

Q tip Skeleton Craft

Sugarcane Craft

Honey Bee with Glass Pebble

Hope you find something interesting to do with your child today!

Bookmark This Page to come Later when needed, as I will be adding more every week.

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