2024 Printable Colouring Calendar

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Have you bought your calendar for 2024 yet? And what about something special for your kids? If you haven’t, I’ve got an exciting suggestion for you today that you might just love!

Introducing a printable that allows kids to create their very own personalized calendar!

Yes, this 2024 Printable Colouring Calendar provides a fantastic opportunity for children to infuse their calendars with their unique touch. Featuring one page for each month of the year, it’s an engaging activity suitable for children of all ages.

Printable colouring Calender for kids

Did you know? 2024 is a leap Year, which means we have 366 days instead of 365.

To get your hands on this 2024 Calender printable, simply sign up at the end of this post. Be sure to explore all the other New Year activities for kids.

2024 Calendar for Kids

This colouring calendar comprises 12 pages, each dedicated to a specific month. On each page, adorable animal illustrations cover about one-third, leaving the remaining two-thirds for the calendar.

I’ve crafted the calendar to ensure that important details are easily grasped by kids.  The numbers are large and bold, making it easy for kids to comprehend. Additionally, children can colour the month names, enhancing their engagement.

Weekends are highlighted in grey for quick recognition, and days from other months are written in a lighter colour.

Free Printable colouring Calender PDF for kids

Benefits of Creating a Personalised Calendar

Understanding the days in a month is crucial, especially for Kids who might still be grasping the concept of varying month lengths. With this calendar, they’ll begin to notice the differences, making learning fun.

Hanging a calendar that kids created themselves can aid in learning more about time and organization. The calendar provides space for them to jot down special occasions, whether it’s a friend’s birthday or an upcoming vacation.

Beyond that, there are several benefits to kids making their calendars, including a sense of accomplishment, improved creativity, enhanced fine motor skills, and the opportunity for self-expression.

Printable colouring Calender PDF free

This Colouring calendar isn’t specifically tied to seasons or holidays but features adorable animals on each page. While January, February, and December may have a winter/Valentine’s/Christmas theme, the rest are quite general.

Would you prefer more generic designs or holiday-themed calendars? Let me know in the comments, so I can update them for next year.

Save this post for later or download the printable at the end of the post to have your Colouring calendar!

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Download the 2024 Printable colouring calendar for kids

If you’ve downloaded this calendar and your kids enjoyed it, please leave a comment below. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

We wish you a Very Happy New Year!

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