20 Lunch Box Notes for Early Readers

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Add a touch of joy to the child’s Midday by slipping one of these adorable Lunch Box notes for kids.

From words of encouragement that boost their confidence to heartwarming love notes that wrap them in your affection – we have it all!

Lunch box notes PDF

What is a Lunch Box note?

A lunchbox note is a small, usually handwritten or printed message, often accompanied by a simple illustration or design, that is placed in a child’s lunchbox.

It’s a thoughtful and affectionate way for parents or caregivers to communicate with their children during school hours.

These notes can contain words of encouragement, love, jokes, or even just a simple “Have a great day!” message. The purpose of a lunchbox note is to bring a smile to the child’s face, remind them that they are loved and cared for, and add a touch of warmth and positivity to their day.

Lunch box notes free printable

Ideal for early readers, our set of 20 lunchbox notes features beginner-friendly phrases and simple words.

Perfect for preschoolers and spirited kindergarteners, these notes are designed to add a sparkle to their day.

Helpful Tips to Use the Lunch Box Notes for Kids

It’s as simple as printing, cutting, and placing the lunch notes, but here are some helpful suggestions to enhance the experience:

1. Opt for thicker paper (like cardstock) to boost durability; some even laminate for extended use (perfect for multiple kids).

2. Attach the note on the inner side of the lid or to a food item or tie it around to ensure your child notices it.

3. These notes aren’t limited to lunch boxes; they’re perfect for folders, School bags, and even the mirror. Use them whenever inspiration strikes! Your kids will adore them!

4. A few Lunch box notes can perfectly complement certain snacks in your child’s lunch box!  For instance, pair the “You are Apple of my Eye” or “You’re a smart cookie” notes for a delightful match!

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Lunch box notes for kids

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