Fork Painted Firework Craft

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Utilizing a fork as a tool for painting proves to be an excellent technique for children, yielding beautiful results. The Fork-painting fireworks craft stands out as a simple yet enjoyable project that requires no template.

Beyond its fun value, engaging in this activity contributes to the enhancement of kids’ fine motor skills.

This Craft is Perfect for holiday-themed activities like New Year, Diwali, and the 4th of July, fireworks crafts. We have a many Fireworks ideas for kids to craft unique and visually stunning displays.

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Fork Painted Firework Craft

Things you will need to make this Fork Painted Firework Craft

  • Fork
  • Kids Washable Paint
  • Black Cardstock Paper

Watch Video on how to make the Fork-Painted Firework Craft

Directions to Make Fork-Painted Firework Craft

Gather all the supplies – fork, paint, and black cardstock sheet. Use an A5 size black card for this activity, allowing the creation of two firework displays on one sheet.

As for painting can be messy, so protect your table and have wet towels or napkins nearby.

Pour two or three colours onto a wide plastic plate, suitable for dipping the fork. Dip the back of each fork into the paint, ensuring it is fully coated.

Carefully apply the fork to the black cardstock, pressing it down gently. Stamp the fork onto the paper, re-dipping as necessary, and proceed to stamp at various angles around an imaginary circle.

This process creates a circular pattern using 5 or 6 fork stamps that resemble the appearance of a flower.

Fork Stamping

Repeat the process and create a secondary firework pattern in the sheet. Leave this fork painting to dry completely.

After 15 minutes of drying time, use another contrasting color and repeat the process, painting at the gaps to complete the circle.

After completing a circle, The painting should now resemble the burst of a firework. Allow this layer to dry.

If you want a glittery result, sprinkle glitter over the fireworks before the final paint dries. Shake off the excess glitter and allow the artwork to dry.

The firework craft is ready!

As an option, Use another colour to add additional strokes around the initial firework marks, extending the brilliance of the display. Some crafts may feature three colours.

Yellow and white strokes can look particularly striking on black cardstock.

Firework Fork Painting Craft for kids

Allowing sufficient drying time between using two colours is crucial. If the paint is not fully dried, there is a high chance that the two colours may smudge, resulting in an undesired outcome.

As illustrated in one of our paintings, you can observe the merging of green and red colours when the drying time is not adequate.

Firework Fork Painting Craft


  • If painting on white paper, omit white paint and yellow paint.
  • If you don’t want to wait for the paint to dry between layers, the colours may mix slightly, but the fireworks will still look great.
  • Use Red Blue and White for the 4th of July firework craft.

Fork Painted Firework Craft


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