Toilet Paper Roll Party Shaker

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We love recycling toilet paper rolls! From cheerful decorations to simple kids’ crafts, these cylindrical tubes can be turned into many creative projects.

One of our Recent creations with these rolls is a DIY musical delight! This Toilet Paper roll party shaker is ideal for New Year’s Eve or any birthday celebration.

Discover how we made this party shaker in this blog.

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Toilet Paper Roll Party Shaker DIY

The toilet paper roll party shaker is not just a fun activity for parties; it’s also an educational tool that Children can learn about the different materials that produce various sounds.

It is a cool alternative to store-bought maracas.

New Year Party shaker craft


Things Will Need to Make DIY Party Shaker

  • Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Decorative Tape
  • Masking Tape
  • Popsicle stick
  • Any fillers at home – Pulses, rice Grains or Corn Kernels
  • Brown Craft Paper
  • Scissors and Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun

Watch Video on How to make the DIY Party Shaker

Directions to Make DIY Party Shaker

We crafted two shakers with different fillers—corn kernels and peanuts, each producing a distinct sound. Let’s delve into how to make them.

Step1: Seal one end of the TP Roll:

Trace the circumference of the TP Roll on the 5cm circular paper and fringe the paper outside the marked circle. Then affix it above the TP roll with glue.

Cutting the circle to make Party shaker

Next, fold the Fringes inwards and use Tape to seal them completely without any gap. You might need to see the progress image for clarity.

Making Tp ROll shaker

Step 2: Fill the Roll with sound Making elements

Choose fillings that create varying sounds, such as rice for a gentle rustle, corn for a crisp crunch, or pebbles for a heavier, deeper tone.

Fill each Roll loosely, leaving enough space for them to rattle around freely.

We Filled the  TP Roll with Corn kernels.

Step 3: Seal the Other end

With your filling in place, secure the other end of your toilet paper rolls with duct tape or masking tape. Ensure the seals are tight to prevent any leaks during your musical adventures.

Filling the Party shaker

Step 4: Decorate the Roll

Before transforming your toilet paper rolls into shakers, decorate the roll with colourful tape.

Decorating the DIY party shaker

You can also use markers to create colourful patterns, paint them with bright hues, or add stickers and embellishments.

Encourage children to participate in this process, allowing them to express their artistic flair.

Toilet Paper Roll Party Shaker DIY

Step 5: Affix a Popsicle stick

Use a hot glue gun to Affix a Popsicle Stick to one side of the Toilet Paper roll. With this final step, your Toilet paper roll Part shaker is ready!

Grab your decorated and filled toilet paper roll shakers and prepare to shake up your celebration.

As you rhythmically shake your creations, the fillings will create a delightful sound, adding a lively element to any party or gathering.

Toilet Paper Roll Party Shaker DIY

To enhance the sonic possibilities of your toilet paper roll shakers, experiment with different filling combinations. Mix rice with dried beans, or add small pebbles or beads for a unique blend of sounds.

The endless possibilities invite you to explore the world of percussive rhythms.

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