Toilet Paper Roll Ornament

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Transform your empty toilet paper rolls into festive wonders with our Toilet Paper Roll Ornament Craft!

This simple and eco-friendly DIY project allows you to create charming ornaments using common household items.

Get ready to reimagine and repurpose with our Toilet Paper Roll Ornament Craft!

Toilet Paper Roll Ornament

Things you need to make Toilet Paper Roll Ornament

If you don’t have any toilet paper rolls at home, consider purchasing a pack of Paper rolls specifically designed for kids’ crafts and projects!

Video on how to make Toilet Paper Ornament

Directions to make Toilet Paper Roll Ornament

Begin by coating an empty paper roll in a lively shade of green paint. Allow it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes or speed up the process with a hair dryer for those in a rush. Once dry, flatten the roll.

Using scissors, cut the roll into approximately 1cm-wide rings. Each toilet paper roll can yield 6 segments, providing material for 2 ornaments.

Proceed by making triangular cuts at both ends of the rings, as illustrated below.

Insert one ring into another, glueing them at a 60-degree angle.

Repeat this process with the third ring, ensuring each wing is equalled to form a beautiful flower-like ornament.

Craft a 15cm thread and attach it to one of the wings with glue.

Turn the ornament over and unleash your creativity in decorating. Use glitter stones or gold 3D puffy paints for a festive touch.

Toilet Paper Roll Ornament

Make as many ornaments as needed for your Christmas tree, experimenting with different colours and decorations. These DIY creations truly add a cute and personal flair to your holiday decor!

Toilet Paper Roll Ornament


Elevate your holiday decor by crafting these budget-friendly and delightful ornaments, adding a personal touch to your festivities.

With minimal effort and a dash of creativity, you can turn something ordinary into extraordinary.

Diy Christmas ornament from Toilet Paper roll


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