Earth Day Quiz for kids

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It’s Earth Day, so get ready to test the children’s knowledge about our amazing planet with this super cool Earth Day Quiz for kids.

We’ve got 20 Easy Earth Day Trivia questions for kids that are perfect for Earth Day celebrations in classrooms, parties, or even at home with the family. So let’s see how much kids know about protecting our precious planet!

Bonus: These Trivia questions are also available as a FREE printable! Just print them out and make cards for kids!

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Earth Day Quiz for kids

These Trivia Questions create awareness about Earth!

Kids are like little sponges, soaking up information and habits early on. Teaching them about Earth Day now helps them develop a lifelong love and respect for the planet.

Ready? Let’s get this Earth Day trivia party started!

Earth Day Quiz for Kids

There are a total of 20 questions with Answers! Enjoy

  1. When do we celebrate Earth Day? On April 22nd every year.
  2. What percentage of the Earth’s surface is covered in water? 71 per cent
  3. What is the nickname for our planet because of the vast amount of water? Blue planet.
  4. What Gas do plants release that we breathe in? Oxygen.
  5. What pollution do cars cause? Air pollution.
  6. What can we make from used plastic? Recycled plastic.
  7. What is saved when we turn off unnecessary lights? Energy.
  8. Picking up trash helps to keep the world ________clean.
  9. To save energy, What can we ride instead of driving? Bicycle.
  10. What are the three Rs of waste management? Reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  11. Name some endangered Animals – Turtles, orangutans and Gaint Pandas.
  12. What happens to animals when all the Ice in the Arctic and Antarctic melts? Animals like polar bears, Arctic foxes, and walruses have nowhere to live.
  13. What is the name for cutting trees and destroying forests? Deforestation.
  14. What Gas do we breathe out? Carbon dioxide.
  15. Which gas is the biggest contributor to global warming? Carbon dioxide.
  16. How long does it take for a diaper to decompose? 500 to 800 years. (Same for a sanitary pad)
  17. What is known as the lungs of Earth? The tropical rainforest of the Amazon.
  18. What can we do with Food waste? Compost it.
  19. What are some Causes of Global Warming? Pollution, Deforestation and improper waste management
  20. Who is the main reason for Global warming? We, Humans

That makes 20 Easy Trivia Questions to ask Kids on Earth Day!

Remember, younger kids might need to learn about concepts like global warming, deforestation, and pollution.

Earth Day Quiz for kids

You can download the free printable at the end of this post.

Instead of creating quiz cards with the printable, you can also make a simple question-and-answer flip book by adding a cover and stapling the cards together.

Sorting Good and Bad human Actions that affect Earth

We have a printable perfect for Earth Day, featuring 20 human activities. Kids can learn about each one and sort them. The printable also includes some conversation starter questions.

It’s a great way to raise awareness among kids about taking care of our planet.

Happy earth sad earth sorting cards


More Earth Day printables for kids

Download the  Earth Day quiz cards


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