Earth Template Printable

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Earth Day is a special day that serves as a reminder for us to take care of our planet and preserve its natural resources. As part of the celebration, many people engage in Earth Day crafts and activities with their children to teach them about the environment and ways to protect it.

One popular activity is creating Earth-themed crafts and art projects using an Earth template printable.

This template serves as a starting point for a wide range of creative projects, from painting and colouring to using various materials to create textured and colourful designs.

Earth template Printable

In this blog post, I have shared 4 Free printable Earth templates and also some Earth craft ideas. These activities are easy to do and can be enjoyed by children of all ages, making them a perfect way to celebrate Earth Day with your family. So, let’s get started and explore some exciting Earth Day crafts and art projects!

Earth Day Template Printable

Our Free printable Earth Template can be downloaded at the end of the post. It includes

  • Earth Outlune – Large Size
  • Earth Outline Template – Medium Size, 2 per page
  • Earth Outline Template – Small, 6 Per page
  • Earth-coloured template – 6 per page.

Earth day free printable Craft templates

From dot marker Earth to paper quilling Earth designs, there are endless possibilities for using the Earth template printable. These activities are not only fun but also provide an opportunity for children to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity.

Earth Day Ideas for Kids with the Free Earth Template

Earth day craft ideas for kids wioth free eath template

  1. Dot Market Earth: Use green and blue dot markers to create a colourful Earth.
  2. Earth Day Flower Craft: Use a Cupcake liner and Earth cut out to create a beautiful flower with an Earth Day message.
  3. Earth Colouring: Simply use the Earth printable to colour Earth with your favourite medium.
  4. Torn Paper Earth Craft: Tear blue and green cardstock paper into small pieces, then glue them onto the Earth template to create a unique and textured Earth craft.

More Earth Day Ideas for Kids

  1. Earth Mosaic: Cut and paste small coloured pieces to create a mosaic.
  2. Crayon Resist Earth: Use crayons and watercolour to create a resist effect.
  3. Paper Plate Earth: Create a paper plate Earth with paint and paper cutouts.
  4. Earth Day Wreath: Create a wreath using the small Earth cutouts.
  5. Handprint Earth: Use handprints on the large Earth template to create a personalized Earth.
  6. Earth Day Collage: Create a collage with magazine cutouts and recycled materials.
  7. Earth Day Mobile: Create a hanging mobile with Small Earth cutouts and string.
  8. Paper Quilling Earth: Use paper quilling to create a textured Earth design.
  9. Earth Garland: Use the Small Earth cut out to make a Gerland decoration.

Using a printable Earth template is a great way to engage children in fun and creative Earth Day crafts and art projects.

With so many ideas to choose from, parents and educators can encourage children to explore their creativity and learn about the importance of environmental conservation in a hands-on and engaging way.

At Little Ladoo, we have plenty of Craft Templates for kids. Check out the Craft Template Section for similar printables.

Earth Template Printable

More Earth Day Printables

If you are looking for a fun way to practice Math on Earth Day, check out this Earth Roll and Cover Mat

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