Toddler Busy Book {Stage 1}

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Toddlers are Busy little beings and are very curious! This Toddler Busy Book {Stage 1} is perfect for keeping Little ones constantly occupied for hours.

Filled with colourful pages and fun activities,  this book entertains and teaches your Toddler basic concepts. Check out the Interactive activities included in the Busy Book Printable.

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

So what is a Toddler Busy Book?

Busy books are Books with Interactive Activity Pages to Keep Kids Quiet, Occupied and Work on Basic skills.

Quiet Books, Interactive Learning Folder/ Binder, and File Folder Games are some common names for such Interactive books.


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How To Make a Busy Book at Home?

What are some Busy Book Activities that I can Try with my Toddler?

Colour Matching and Shape Matching are the Very First Interactive Activities you can try with your Toddler. For a Beginner, It is always recommended to have less number of Matching pieces for Each page.

This Busy book {Stage 1} is designed for Absolute Beginners. With 15 Activities and Basic topics to learn, this is my Top recommendation for Toddlers from 16 Months up to 30 months.

Look Inside and Learn the Benefits of Busy Book Activities

This Busy Book not only has fun matching games that toddlers can interact with but also focuses on various Developmental skills.

Moreover, Toddlers can learn their first words like colors, shapes, and transportation with the book.  This  Handy Learning binder does it all.

Learn the Developmental Skills associated with Each Activity Page in the Video

If you think, you need more Advanced Activities, check out our Stage 2 Busy Book or Learning binder Printable.

How to make the Busy book?

There are 15 Activity Pages in the Toddler Busy book{Stage 1}.

  1. Print the Activity Pages, Laminate them, and Organise them in a File folder.
  2.  Laminated and Cut out the Pieces in the Cutout pages. Affix them using Self Adhesive velcro dots.

Here is a detailed article on ” How to make a Busy Book + Tools and Supplies Needed

Activities from Stage 1 Busy book

Let me take you through a Picture Tour of some of the Activities for Stage 1 Busy book.

Colours Matching Busy book Activity
Baby vs Crib Colour matching Activity

Colour and Shape Discrimination is very essential for Toddlers to Perceive the world around us. These Simple matching games with 5 to 6 pieces are perfect for beginners. Read aloud the color name and Shape name while the child does the matching.





Shape matching Activity
Monster Shape Matching Activity

Kids will love to mix and match the Faces with the bodies. This Activity requires Critical Thinking Skills which Require kids to Observe the details, Anyasly the Data, Use information from Memory, and Finally solve the Puzzle.

Aniamls face Matching Game for Toddlers
Woodland Animals Face vs Body Matching

Learn Thing that Go and Modes of Transport ( Waterways vs Airways vs roadways) with the vehicle matching game.

Puzzles help Kids with Spatial Skills. This 5 piece puzzle is perfect for Beginners. (Our Stae 2 Busy Book has a 9-piece puzzle Activity)

Another Discrimiiatation skill Activity, where the kids can Differentiate and match the Patterns of the Eggs.

The Book Has 9 more Activity pages. you can check them all in the video or Check the Stage 1 Busy book Pictures here.

Which one among the 15 Activity Pages is your Favorite? Let us know in the comment section.

You can get the Toddler Busy Book printable here.



Or Get the Toddler Busy book Combo { Stage 1 + Stage 2 Busy book }

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