Hi, My name is Madhumitha.

Welcome to my blog and I am very glad to have you here!  

about us

Who am I and what is this space about?

I am an Architect turned Stay-at-home mom to an adorable 3-year-old girl. I love to craft, draw, make digital illustrations and create Diys for my little one to play and learn. 

Here at Littleladoo, you will find craft ideas, printables and activities to engage young and active minds. They help our kids to think, learn, and be creative and also help us to keep them entertained without depending on screen time. 

Why did I start blogging? 

When my child was 3 months old, I realized while playing with her that a lot of these toys and kids’ products can be easily made by us with cardboard and other everyday stuff at home. So, like every other curious woman, I decided to try my hand at creating something at least similar for my child.

My first try was at making a play gym, with hula hoops, a few threads, and tiny colorful things at home. It came out very well, and my baby, She loved it! 

After that, I continued to make some easy DIYs, and only then did it cross my mind that sharing these could prove useful to many parents like me. And thus, my YouTube channel was born when my child was 1 year old. 

Creating little things for our child was mostly an interesting and fun experience. It relieved me of the stress my daily chores gave me, and I was happy and proud at the same time, to create something fun for my child.  

From DIYs, I also started creating digital printables for her, and to share these, I started this space when she was 2.

Why the name “Little Ladoo”? 

Ladoos are a very very popular, and favored sweet delicacy originating from my homeland, India. It is home to multiple cuisines, and ladoos are one of the most popular sweets. We love it so much that we call adorable and cute babies as ladoos. Since I too call my daughter ladoo, and she is the inspiration behind this website, it is named after her.

What will I find here?

You will find a range of activities to engage your children. 

Make flashcards, worksheets, and busy book pages with our printables(free and paid)

Printable sheets for toddlers

Check out the DIYs and simple activities we do at home.

Easy toddler activities

Browse through our collection of Felt toys, Playmats, and quiet books and make one for your child with our free patterns.Felt toys template and tutorials

Create paper and cardboard crafts for kids

Paper crafts for kids

Do visit my Etsy shop where you can find busy book printables for toddlers. Believe me, they are amazing!

I hope you enjoyed reading about me. Feel free to take a look around. 

If you are excited and this space and would like to stay updated about upcoming activities. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or subscribe to my monthly newsletter. 

Your love and support are what keeps me going, and I would love to hear from you. Please reach out to me via email at [email protected] and share your reviews, questions, or even comments in general. 

Thank you, and I welcome you to my page once again!

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