Symmetrical Painted Party Mask

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Encourage Children to craft their one-of-a-kind masterpiece by making this Symmetrical Painted Party mask.

Using a simple Painting technique, children can make their own unique and beautiful paper party masks in no time.

This craft is ideal for creating at any time of the year, whether for birthday parties, role plays, or special occasions such as New Year’s celebrations or Mardi Gras festivities.

symmetrical painting party mask

Symmetrical painting is a fantastic technique for engaging in various art projects with kids. Using this method, we’ve previously crafted Symmetrical painting Crafts using this method, and these paper party masks are our latest creation.

The free Printable Craft template offers two different designs to choose from.

Both have been inspired by Venetian masks adorned with feathers, making them perfect for crafting festive masks suitable for occasions like Mardi Gras.

DIY Paper Party Mask

Things you need to make the Symmetrical Painted Party mask

  • Mask Template (Free download)
  • Mala Flourosent Paint
  • Cardstock paper (For printing)
  • Colourful feathers
  • White glue
  • Popsicle stick

Directions to make Symmetrical Painted Party mask

Let’s dive into the steps for making this symmetrically painted party mask:

Download and print the free template

At the end of this post, find and download the free template, and print it on cardstock.

Using thin paper may result in tearing during the process, so cardstock is highly recommended for this craft.

There are two mask templates on the free download. Select one and fold it in half along the center line for simplicity in later steps.

party mask template

Apply Paint

On one side of the mask, apply paint according to your preference. Generously apply the paint or use a brush for this step. Ensure even coverage, as any unpainted areas will remain white.

Using vibrant paints, such as fluorescent colors, can enhance the visual appeal.

Paper mask craft

Fold and press

Fold the other half over the painted side and press it firmly. Symmetrical painting idea

When you unfold it, a beautiful and unique pattern will emerge. Children will be fascinated by the unpredictable results, adding to the charm of their customized masks.

Let the painted mask dry for 20 to 30 minutes. The drying time may vary based on the amount of paint applied.

Once fully dry, carefully cut out the mask, including an opening at the center

Symmetrical painting for kids - mask craft


Now, let the kids get creative! Add colorful feathers  one by one at the top center resembling the vential masks.

symmetrical painting party mask

Optionally, Enhance the beauty with stone embellishments, glitter stones, and more. Add dots around the eyes, or decorative elements at the bottom.

Attach a handle

Finally, affix a popsicle stick to one side for kids to hold the mask.

Alternatively, you can add holes on either side and tie elastic threads for a traditional mask style.

symmetrical painting party mask

Ghe mask is ready! Kids will be thrilled to wear the masks they created for their own parties.

here is another Bibrant paper Mask creaed with symmentrical Painting Technique.

symmetrical painting party mask

Encourage your young artists to explore their creativity and enjoy the process of making these delightful and personalized paper party masks!

Download the Free template for you symmentrical art Creation at the end of the post.

To save this project for Later, pin this image below.

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Download the Mask Template

Access the Free Mask Craft Template Printable by clicking the link located below this image. Please refrain from printing the image directly; instead, opt to download the PDF for Good quality.





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