Easter Egg Symmetry Painting

Easter Egg Symmetry Painting is an Interesting Art Idea that Kids can create a beautiful effect in a Minute. The Easter Eggs are sure to impress anyone and are great to make a Garland or Wreath.

Read on to see Progress Pictures, videos, directions to make the Craft and also a free Template to create the same at your home!

Easter egg Symmetry craft

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Easter Egg Symmetry Painting

You will need

  • Template
  • Paint
  • Scissors


Download the free template at the end of the post. (No Sign up is required). Each page has 2 set Templates. Cut the Page in Half.

Free Egg template

Squeeze some colourful Paint on one side of the Paper. We used Ikea Mala Fluorescent Paint, it is easy to draw beautiful patterns with this. But you can use any Kid’s Paint for this project.

Fold the Paper in Half and press down with your hands.

Symmetry painting

Open up the paper and let it dry. Use a hairdryer if you want to speed up the process. Now cut the Eggs out with a Scissor. The Eggs are ready!

You might need to keep ready a Lot of  Egg Templates, as kids would love to do more of this Easy Egg art Idea!

Each time, The Eggs will look different based on the colour, amount of the paint used and the designs we made on the paper. Kids will love to see unique results every turn!

With many eggs pieces, you can make an Egg Garland by Punching holes and using a Thread. Kids always enjoy seeing their work displayed.

Egg Garland

Download the Free template here by Clicking on the Button Below

Watch Video Tutorial

Please Pin this Easter Egg Symmetry painting Idea to try it later, maybe for Next Easter!

Easter Egg Symmetry painting Idea

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