TP Roll Tealight Holder Craft

A Toilet Paper Roll may seem like an ordinary item, but it can actually be transformed into a beautiful Tealight holder with just a few simple steps. This DIY project is easy enough for kids to do with supervision, yet sophisticated enough for adults to enjoy as well.

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Tealight Holder with Toilet Paper Rolls

This project could be a great craft to do with kids during Diwali when you do Diya and light decorations. All you need is a Toilet paper roll, scissors, and whatever decoration you want to add – such as paint or glitter.  Not only does this project make for a fun activity, but it also helps to repurpose everyday waste into something functional and attractive. So grab some toilet paper rolls and get crafting!

Supplies you will need

If you do not have a stock of Toilet Paper Rolls at home but want to do this craft, I have an idea for you. Do you know that they sell Toilet paper rolls for kids’ crafts on Amazon? Yes, they do, Check it out and get a Pack for the future too!

TP Roll Tealight Holder Craft

Directions to Make TP Roll Tealight Holder

Begin by cutting the TP roll in half.

Make a Few Slits like this and open it resembling a flower. You can make it with even 10 or 15 petal.

Now paint the inner and outer surfaces of the Toilet paper roll. Let it dry of 5 minutes.

Add patterns with 3d puffy paint. We have added gold paint to the Blue base.

Let all the paint dry. And the decorative tealight holder is ready! Just Insert the candle inside and light it. It will rightly and firmly fit inside.

Here are some variations that we made.

So the pink one is made by my 5-year-old daughter! Kids can get creative with the designs, colours and patterns and make their own beautiful Toilet paper roll tealight holder.

I hope you liked this easy craft idea made with TP rolls. Do you have TP rolls saved at home?

On our Website we have a number of TP roll Crafts, check them out!

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Before you go, Pin this TP roll idea for later.

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