Toilet Paper Roll Popsicles

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Cute Popsicles that you can make from Toilet Paper Rolls

How Adorable are these Toilet Paper Roll Popsicles? This craft is Super-Duper-easy, and your kids will be so excited to play with these Vibrant Popsicles.

We had a ton of Empty Toilet Paper Rolls at home, which I had been stocking up to make DIY Toys for my daughter.

Yesterday, I experimented with some Rolls trying to make an Ice cream toy for a pretend play set, But I ended up making these easy Popsicles. I couldn’t wait to share this awesome project with you.

Paper roll popsicle craft

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How to Make Toilet Paper Roll Popsicles?

It is soooo easy! You will be definitely making one for your child after seeing this Video tutorial of how I made them.

Here, I have made 8 versions of Popsicles with different colours & toppings. But these are just inspirations; You can be creative and tweak colours and toppings of your choice. Nevertheless, they will turn our wonderful.

Read on for Step-by-step instructions, Tips and tricks and Tool recommendations.

Things needed to make these Popsicles

All these Popsicles require basic supplies, and after a little hunt in your storage drawer, you may have everything you need to get crafting right now!

  1. Toilet Paper Rolls
  2. Popsicle Sticks
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. Acrylic paint
  5. Pom poms, Puffy paint, Glitters, Colour papers (Optional)


1. First, let’s make the top part of the popsicle. Press one end of the Roll slightly and fold it inwards. Apply glue and seal it off.

2. On the other end of the roll, Add a Popsicle stick using Hot glue.

Toilet paper roll popsicles - step by step instructions

3. Add colours of your choice with Acrylic paint.

If you would have noted, All Tissue paper rolls have a diagonal groove/joint across them. Make use of this line and paint different colours on each side of the groove.

4. Finally, add Toppings to make the popsicles more appealing. I have added some designs in Puffy paint, Colour paper and Pop pom.

All done!! So here are our Toilet Paper Roll Popsicles!

Colourful popsicles craft

The pom-poms look fantastic on this popsicle. But they didn’t last long when my child started playing. So maybe you can avoid adding Pom poms.

We loved the Puffy paint’s dimension effect on the popsicles. If you don’t have them, use Sharpie permanent marker pens to create the effect.

I am super happier with how these Popsicles turned out!

Did this post inspire you to make one for your child? Let me know in the comments section.

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Toiler paper roll popsicles-easy craft for kids

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