Straw Painted Firework Craft

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Have you tried your hand at the straw-painting technique? The outcomes are truly stunning! Discover how to Create a Straw Painted Firework, the easy way.

For a creative touch, consider adding a city skyline to a black canvas, creating a mesmerizing fire display!

These art Displays are perfect for celebrating special occasions such as New Year’s, the 4th of July, or Diwali – the Festival of Lights.

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Straw Painted firework Craft


Things you need to make the Straw Painted Firework Craft

  • Straw – Plastic one Preferably
  • Black Cardstock sheet
  • Kids washable Paint
  • A Few plastic Plates for Dippind the straw.

Watch Video on how to make the Straw Painted fireworks display

Directions to make the Straw Painted Fireworks Display

Let’s start by cutting the straw. Using precision scissors, fringe the end of the straw for about 1 cm on one side and 2 centimetres on the other side.

Cutting the Straw for painting

Although I’m using plastic straws in this craft, I strongly recommend using paper straws (If you are buying new ones) due to environmental concerns.  You can achieve the same effect with paper straws.

Pour some paint onto a flat plastic plate, ensuring it’s large enough to dip the straw. Dip the straw into the paint and stamp it onto a black cardstock sheet to create as many fireworks as needed.

Painting with straw

Next, paint with another colour using the longer fringed side. This will result in a mix of fireworks in different sizes and colours.

Painting with straw

Create as many fireworks as you need, experimenting with various colours and sizes.

Children will relish the experience of using straws as paintbrushes.

Firework Display

The outcome is a stunning display of fireworks in the sky, perfect for any celebration. Leave this to dry for at least 30 mins before hanging your final Creation!

Straw painting Firework Craft


For a delightful variation, consider adding skyline silhouettes with buildings of different heights.

Cut these out from differently coloured paper—white or brown—and paste them onto a black cardstock sheet to create a captivating art piece.

This idea works beautifully for Diwali – The festival of lights!

Straw Painted firework Craft

Fireworks hold a timeless charm for special occasions, spanning holidays, birthdays, and grand events like the Olympics. Craft your unique fireworks using household items with this straw-painted technique.

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Straw Painted firework Craft

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