Cardboard Christmas Tree Maze

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Introducing the Cardboard Christmas Tree Maze – an enjoyable and simple cardboard Toy that adds a festive touch to your handmade toy collection this holiday season.

This engaging creation isn’t just for kids; it’s an intriguing game for adults as well.

In this blog,  I will guide you step by step in creating this festive maze. Explore the variety of Cardboard maze ideas featured on our blog for additional inspiration.

Cardboard christmas Tree maze

Unlike the typical cardboard mazes we’ve crafted, this one offers a unique challenge with strategically placed holes, making it a fun yet challenging adventure.

Even adults may attempt it multiple times before mastering its twists and turns.

Things you need to Make the Cardboard Christmas Tree maze

That is all you need to make this amazing DIY Toy!

Watch the video on how to Make the Cardboard Christmas Tree Maze

Directions to Make the Cardboard Christmas Tree Maze

With these Step-By-Step Instructions, you can make not only a Christmas tree maze but any 3D cardboard maze. Let’s Dive in.

Creating the Cardboard Base

Outline Your Christmas Tree: Begin by taking a cardboard sheet and marking the outline of the Christmas tree you intend to create. Our Christmas tree has dimensions around 20 x 30 cm.

Precision Cutting: Use a cutter to remove the extra cardboard along the outlined tree by placing it over a cutting mat. This step ensures smooth and crisp edges, making a cutter preferable over scissors.

Your Christmas tree cardboard base is now ready.

Designing the Maze

Drawing the Paths: On the sheet, Design your Maze with a Pencil. Draw paths at least 2cm wide to allow a marble to traverse easily. Mark a few holes along the track to increase the maze’s complexity.

Maze Design Tips: If drawing the maze is challenging for you, refer to this maze design for inspiration. Recreate or modify them to suit your preferences.

Cutting Spaces for Holes: Use the cutter on the cutting mat to cut away the spaces marked for the holes in the maze.

Constructing the Maze Walls

Preparing Cardboard Strips: Cut strips of cardboard approximately 1.5 to 2cm wide. Using the width of a steel ruler (2cm) can make this process easier.

Applying Walls: Apply hot glue along the marked lines on the sheet and affix the cardboard strips to create the walls of the maze.

Start by covering the perimeter and then add inside walls.

Ensure that the inside walls are adhered to the outer walls for extra stability. Trim any excess walls as needed.


Ready for Play

Once all the lines are completed with the walls, your maze is ready to be played.

Drop a marble at the bottom and aim to reach the goal at the top without falling into any holes.

Playing the maze enhances patience, focus and hand-eye coordination, making it an excellent activity for kids of all ages.

Create a friendly competition by timing each player to see how quickly they can complete the maze. Enjoy the interactive and skill-building aspects of this engaging game.

Cardboard christmas Tree maze

To make it suitable for toddlers and preschoolers, create a Christmas tree maze without any holes.

For a variation, explore the Easy cardboard maze designed when our daughter was just 18 months old; a very simple project that you can easily make.

You can also explore another cardboard Christmas version with a different goal: the Cardboard Christmas Wreath toy.

Cardboard christmas Tree maze

Diverse Cardboard Ideas for Kids

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Venture beyond mazes with creative Christmas tree ideas for kids:

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Explore our collection of free printable Christmas maze sheets. Simply print them out and keep your kids entertained during the holidays. Enjoy 8 unique mazes filled with festive Christmas themes!

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