How to make an Elephant cardboard maze

A cardboard maze in an elephant form! It may sound complex but if you see the pictures, you would love to make it. Yes! It is so easy and doesn’t take much time to make an elephant form or any animal form.

Mazes help kids exercise their problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination. Moreover, these games are really fun!

The best way to introduce the concept of mazes to your toddler is by creating a 3d maze like this. If you begin with a paper-based maze, you can see the kid crossing the lines and taking the shortest path from point A to B.  So read-on to see how to make this cardboard maze.

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Here’s what you need to make this

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  1. Cardboard
  2. Cutting mat
  3. Utility Knife or cutter
  4. Craft sticks
  5. Hot glue gun
  6. Bead or marble

How to make an elephant cardboard maze

  1. First, draw the outline of an elephant on a cardboard sheet. Then mark your maze inside. Design the maze challenging according to your kid’s age.
  2. Place it on a cutting mat and cut out the elephant using a cutter. You can also use scissors, but it will not give you a crisp edge.
  3. Similarly, cut a few long strips of cardboard of 1 cm or 1.5 cm width.

tutorial diy cardboard maze step by step pictures

4. Now, glue the cardboard strip along the perimeter using a hot glue gun. The cardboard strip needs to be rolled once or twice so that it gets flexible and makes it easy to glue along the curved perimeter.

5. Apply glue on the inner maze lines and place the cut strips over it.

6. Poke a hole with a sharp pencil at the start and end of the maze.

Finally, add a bead or marble depending upon the size of the maze. I have added a salt dough ball as I didn’t have the perfect size ball to fit in this maze. Here is the finished maze!

cardboard elephant maze diy


If you feel this elephant maze is complex, try this simplest form.

Here is another super easy DIY maze made with shoe box and straw. This is the ultimate version to make a maze within a few minutes. Click on the image to see a few more  Shoebox ideas.

easy shoebox lit maze Have fun building these mazes!

Also, try this simple elephant craft with your kid.

elmer craft for kids

You might also be interested in this elephant theme worksheets. It has 5 pages and they are free! Click on the image to see the pages and download them.

elephant worksheets free printable


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