Elephant worksheets

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If you’re planning an Elephant-Themed activity with kids, these Free Elephant worksheets are perfect for beginners who are just learning to hold a pencil.

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Elephant Preschool worksheets

Elephants are fascinating animals that children enjoy learning about, and these Preschool worksheets will introduce your little ones to these gentle giants.

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Elephant Preschool Worksheets

This free printable pack includes Six Elephant Theme Worksheets suitable for Toddlers and Preschoolers.

Here is the list of various activities included in the preschool pack!

  1. Colour matching
  2. Colouring
  3. Tracing the lines
  4. Complete the maze
  5. Sort from biggest to the smallest
  6. Letter E tracing

You can download the file through the link provided at the end of the article!

The colour-matching worksheet aims to develop visual discrimination skills. By recognizing the colour combination of the dresses and connecting it with the respective blocks, the kid gains pencil control as well.

Kids will love to colour this fun elephant worksheet.

Elephant colouring page and elephant colour Matching page

The Simple elephant maze is a fun activity that challenges kids to navigate their way through a series of twists and turns to reach the end. It’s a great way to improve problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities.

The tracing worksheets are designed to help kids develop their fine motor skills, which are essential for writing and other tasks that require precision and control.

Elephant maze worksheet and Elephant tracing lines

The last two sheets are the Letter E tracing worksheet and the Order by Size worksheet!

The ability to put objects in order by size will help kids with future measurement lessons. This worksheet introduces them to comparative adjectives like bigger and smaller.

Elephant Letter E tracing worksheet and ELephant order by size worksheets

Almost all these activities are aimed to engage them for a while and focus on pre-writing skills.

How to use worksheets multiple times?

I have designed these worksheets for one-time use, however, if you want to use them multiple times, consider doing one of the following.

  • Laminate these printables and make it easy just to wipe clean each time.
  • Use these wipe pockets. You can simply slide the sheets into these pockets and wipe them when done. Here is ours.

Wipe clean pouches for worksheets

These pouches are quite pricey but we are loving them. The pouches are very transparent and you can use this for all the worksheets other than the colouring pages. You can find them on Amazon as Dry Erase pockets

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More Elephant Activities

Combine these worksheets with any of these activities, if you are doing Elephant-Theme activities.

Download the Elephant Worksheets

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Have Fun learning with these elephant worksheets!

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