Printable Insect quiet book for kids

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This insect quiet book is the latest addition to our bookshelf!  Apart from this, we already have 4 such folders with a lot of activities. Ever since I made my first book when my daughter was 18 months, Quiet books are one of my toddler’s favorite time pass.

If you are new to quiet books, these are interactive pages to keep your kids busy or quiet for a little while. They are perfect when you are waiting at the doctor’s, traveling in a plane, or any other time you need to distract your toddler.

Here is a video of our insect quiet/busy book.


What’s inside our insect quiet book?

11 activities that are perfect for toddlers above 18 months. Older kids will also enjoy playing with this book. Read on to learn more about each activity.

Let’s meet the main characters of this book. Here are all the most common insects that kids need to learn.  I believe this one is easy to do and hence great to build their confidence when they start.

Next, here are some insect images. But only half is visible. And kids will use their visual discrimination skills to find the other half and make the whole insect.

find the other half of insects

Similarly, have the kids find the other half of the butterflies with the same wing pattern.

pattern matching activity. Find other half of butterfly

This huge pink butterfly has some holes in the wings. Let the kids fill them up with shape pieces.

shape matching butterfly wing activity

The babies have disguised themself as insects? But which insect? Let them find out

baby insect costume matching activity

And here is another color matching and pattern matching game.

caterpillar colour matching activity

A page to practice counting skills & number identification

number matching counting activity

Now, Kids uses their logical reasoning skills to sort the insects

Sort the insects by characteristically

At the end is a meadow scenery page, on which kids can make playdough insects, or use these insects cutout to narrate a story.

Storytelling mat or scenery mat

Additionally, this includes a 10 piece insect action flashcard which makes the kids active be doing the action.

insect action cards -insect busy book part

To sum up, here is a list of activities.

  1.  Match the insects
  2. Find the other Half (Real insect image match)
  3.  Find the other half (Butterfly Pattern match)
  4. Butterfly shape Match
  5.  Baby Insect costume Match
  6.  Caterpillar color match
  7.  Beetle pattern match
  8.  Count and match the numbers,
  9.  Sort the insects
  10.  Storytelling mat / PlaydouStorytell
  11. Insect action cards

Toddlers will spend a lot of time having fun by interacting with these insects. And learning something too!

This printable is now available in Etsy and you can get it from the link below.

If you are looking for how to make the learning folder after downloading the files? Watch this video


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