3 simple ideas to reuse shoe box

3 shoe box games

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Do you have a lot of shoeboxes at home and wondering if you could make some toy out of it? I have 3 simple ideas to reuse a shoe box and make a game for your kids.

These games are pretty simple and very easy to make. I believe that kids of all ages will love this game.

Things needed:

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  • 3 shoebox lids
  • Sharp pencil ( to punch holes )
  • Black fine tip pen and brush pens 
  • Straw
  • Hot glue gun
  • Marbles 

Instead of marbles, you can also use wooden beads or bouncing balls, whichever is available at home.

Shoebox game – 1

Goal: Tilt the box and get all the marbles in the holes

How to DIY? First, I punch a few holes in the box using a pencil and then widen it. These holes should be slightly smaller than the marbles so that they can sit in. Then, draw some flowers or any sketch of your choice on the box to make the game interesting for the kid. Flowers or ladybug would be a perfect and easy option. 

How to reuse shoe box to make a game for kids

Shoebox game – 2

Goal: Tilt the box and get all the marbles through the hole

Make a hole slightly larger than the marbles on the box. Draw any character of your choice with its mouth wide open, exactly around the hole. 

Sho box reuse ideas how to make a game with shoe box

Shoebox game – 3

Goal:Tilt the box and get the marble to the target

First, draw a maze on the box. Then, Cut the straws equivalent to the maze line length. Using a hot glue gun, stick the cut straw on the lines. I have punched holes at the start and the ending, but this can also be excluded. 

Shoe box maze game for kids

Here is an option in case you are looking for some other idea to reuse a shoebox. 

wall decor with shoe box

Wrap some fabric or an old graphic T-shirt around the box and glue it. This can be a beautiful decor for any wall. If you like these ideas, Pin these images for later. 

If you are looking for some more recycling ideas, check out this bookshelf made out of cardboard

reuse ideas bookcase from cardboard



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