Cardboard Rangoli Maze

The most popular Indian festival, Diwali is here and today I am excited to share with you a Rangoli Maze made with cardboard and popsicle sticks.

We all know Mazes like these are great for spatial awareness and fine motor skills.

We have already made many mazes in different shapes and difficulty level. But this maze is entirely different because I have added a few holes along the path that makes the ball drop out. This makes the play challenging and interesting as well.

What is Rangoli?

If you are wondering what is rangoli, It is a popular Indian folk art where people make colorful designs on the floor to welcome the goddess Lakshmi. During festival seasons these Rangolis or kolams get bigger and colorful.

Here is another one done with flowers

Now let’s learn how to make this Cardboard Rangoli maze.

Although it takes less time to complete the maze, Kids will love to play multiple times. And you can also easily save it for another day as it is strong enough.

Things needed

  • Cardboard
  • Popsicle stick (Optional)
  • Tools – Cutter, Cutting mat, Scissors and Hot glue gun
  • To draw – Black Fine point pen, Sharpie black marker, and Brush pens


Watch this video to see how it works and how to make it

Read on to learn some tips and tricks along with step by step pictures. Before starting to make, I suggest you making a rough sketch of how you want the Maze to be.

Draw and colour the rangoli on the cardboard maze. You can also print your favourite mandala art from the internet, colour it and paste it over cardboard.

Cut the drawn part out of the cardboard piece. Use a sharp cutter after placing the cardboard over the cutting mat.

Next, Cut a few long cardboard strips the same way. Ours is 1″ wide. I have used the reference of a steel scale to cut these strips.

We have to make the strips flexible so that it will be easy to stick over the curved lines. Just bend the strips bit by bit and make it curvy as shown here

Apply the hot glue gun on the lines and add the strips. Leave a small gap for the marble to pass through.

The next step is preparing small pieces for the maze. You can cut popsicle stick into small pieces. Measure and cut the required pieces.

It is almost done! You can leave it as it is for toddlers who are playing mazes for the first time. For older kids, make it challenging by punching a few holes like these.

Just add a marble and let the play begin.

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