India Activities for Preschoolers

20+Crafts, Printables and Activities to learn about India.

Are you Looking for India theme Activities for Preschoolers? Look no further; This blog has more than 20 ideas for Toddlers and preschoolers.

All these are Super-simple activities that you can do around Independence day/ Republic day or at any time of year as part of your India Unit study. India theme activities for kids

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India Activities for Preschoolers

Our list of activities includes several simple crafts, Printable Worksheets, and Easy-prep activities. And the best part is you can download most of the printables at the end of the Post.

All these are compilations of the ones that we did since my child was 2 years old.  And I will also be updating new activities so that this article will be a growing collection of India theme activities.

So don’t forget to pin this blog for later. Now Let’s dive in.

India Location Worksheets

India worksheets for kids

2 worksheets and 2 Learning pages for kids to learn about India’s location and boundaries.

Learning pages work as reference material for children to come back to if needed. Worksheets help kids to practice what they learned.

The free printable pack has 4 pages (Which can be downloaded for free at the end of this post)

India Colouring pages

india colouring pages for kids

Here 7 awesome colouring pages for kids who love colouring activities. The pages have simple drawings with thick lines, which makes them perfect for little kids.

Download these for free from the blog below.

India Colouring pages

India Flag Templates to colour or make Crafts

Indian flag template for craft, colouring

3 India flag templates that you can use to do colouring or make some wonderful crafts.

We made a flag with coloured salt (Coloured using Food colour).

A Few other materials you can use are crumpled papers, beads, Pulses, vegetable peels or any small thing you can find at home.

India Flag in a Jar

India Flag in a jar

Make a Flag with coloured salt inside a mason jar or any glass at home. You can also make it in a shot glass like we did, as it just consumes a small quantity of salt. We used food colouring to colour the salts.

Learn about the Indian Flag

Learn about the National flag of India with a Learning page and a worksheet that helps the child familiarise the flag elements.

We cut the flags out from the worksheet and sorted out the Right vs wrong ones. We also discussed what exactly is the error in the wrong ones.

Make a Handprint Indian Flag Art

Handprint flags are so much fun for little ones. You need Orange and Green Washable paints to make this Handprint India Flag craft. Apply paint s shown in the picture below and Press it over a Paper. Add a Chakra and your flag is done!

Indian Handprint Flag craft

India Do-a-dot-Marker Printable

India Dot marker printable

Do-a-dot Marker activities are perfect for toddlers! Download these free pages, Grab a pack of Dot markers and let the fun begin. Use this printable to teach the Colours of the Indian Flag, Boundaries of India.

We are using Dot dabbers from the brand Magicfly. It has 12 colours and can be used for most dot marker printables.

Learn the National Anthem of India

India national pledge & Anthem printable

Here are 2 Cards to learn the National Anthem of India and the National Pledge of India.

Just download, print them and cut them to make 2 cards.

National Symbols of India

National animal, fruit, bird,ect india activities preschoolers

Every country has national Symbols that reflect the identity of the country. Does your child know the National symbols of India?

We have an awesome resource to help you to teach the national symbols. Download the printable pack with 14 flashcards. It’s free! Check National Symbols of India to learn what are the symbols and why they are our national Identity.

General Knowledge Questions about India

Gerneral Knowledge questions about india for preschoolers

Quizzes are fun! I have made a list of simple Knowledge questions about India for kids. This will be suitable for 3 to 5-year-old kids. Get the India Quiz cards and see how many they can answer.

Indian Monuments flashcards

Monuments flashcards india activities for preschoolers

India is a country with a rich heritage, and kids will love to see and learn from images of the diverse monuments in India. These cards are pretty big and have high-quality images.

Visit our Monuments of India Blog to check out 3 more interactive activities included in the pack.

Make a Red Fort Craft

Red fort is one of the significant monuments of India which was Buit by Shahjahan. Every year on Independence Day, The prime Minister hoist the National Flag at Red Fort. You can make a 3D Red fort craft and add the Indian Flag.

Learn the Festivals of India

India is a land of Festivals and Every Festival is welcomed with grand Celebrations. I have created a Learning pack of 20 Major festivals in India, which includes Flashcards and Factsheets.

Festivals of India printable Flashcards

Lotus craft

Lotus is the National Flower of India and is considered very auspicious. Make a beautiful lotus craft with my free template and step-by-step tutorial. It is a very easy craft and turns out very impressive if done with thick sheets such as cardstock paper.

Paper Lotus Craft

Elephant activities

The Indian Elephant is the National Heritage Animal of India. Here are some interesting activities that you can do with your Toddlers

  1. 5 Elephant worksheets for toddlers
  2. Make an Elephant maze
  3. Make an Elmer craft with Kids and also read the Emer series. 
  4. Read Gajapathy Gulapathy (A story about Elephant in an Indian Village setting)

Elephant activities

Tiger activities

The national animal of India is the Bengal tiger since 1963. We have done a few Tiger activities.

  1. We learned the fun facts about the tiger with our Tiger book (I will soon share a printable so you can also make the book.
  2. Five Tiger worksheets  suitable for toddlers
  3. Tiger cardboard Game-  All black stripes of the tiger are of different sizes, and the goal is to fit all the pieces on the tiger’s face

Tiger activities

Peacock Craft

Make the National Bird of India with a paper plate. We have a Free craft Template so you can make a Peacock craft with ease.  See the full tutorial and download the template to make your own peacock craft.

Paper Plate Peacock Craft

Paper Diya Craft

Diya is a cup-shaped Oil lamp made with (mostly) Clay. Most ceremonies, daily rituals and auspicious functions in India start with lightning the lamp. Make a Diya craft with our free printable template.

Paper Diya template

Paper diya craft - India activities

Make a Rangoli maze

Rangoli or Kolam is the Decorative pattern drawn on the floor at the entrance of the house. It is made with rice flour and is one of the Indian Folk art.

I made a Rangoli Cardboard maze game for my daughter. This Diy Toy promotes hand-eye coordination. Learn more about this cardboard toy and also check out our How to a DIY tutorial

Make a Felt Map of India

I made an India felt map t when my daughter was 2 years. She has to place the India map exactly in its location. We also used this map to do many interactive activities – Leaning Landform, Islands, Different landscapes, and where we lived. It is so easy to make! I used a map for reference and cut the felt pieces. Just check out the video to see how I made it.

Some materials that you will need to make this map: 2mm Felt (Green, blue, beige and Black), a Hot glue gun, Small pebbles, White acrylic paint and a map of India to cut out the Felt.

You can also teach the Boundaries of India- On the north is the  Himalayas, On the south Srilanka/ Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal on the East and the Arabian Sea on the west.

Song about India

If you allow screen time for your kids, this is a wonderful video to learn about India, the Musical Way.

Get a glimpse of important places, food, leaders, Monuments, and festivals with this fun song.

So this is all for now, But I will be adding more crafts and printables when we do new activities.

Learn the Indian States and union Territories

Finally, here is a Learning pack to learn the states and Union territories of India. The variety of Activities make learning fun rather than memorising States and its Capitals. This pack includes, State Flashcards, location cards, a Velcro matching Activity, 2 posters and some Learning pages.

Download all the Free printables here

  1. India location Anchor Chart and Worksheet 
  2. India Flag-Anchor chart, Worksheet
  3. India flag template
  4. India do-a-dot-Printable
  5. National Anthem and Pledge

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