Pumpkin pie colour matching

This free Pumpkin pie colour matching game is great for toddlers to practice their visual discrimination skills. Indeed, a perfect Thanksgiving season activity where toddlers match the pumpkin pies that this turkey loves to eat.

Pumpkin pie shape matching free printable

Colour matching games are the very first busy book activities that you can do with your toddler.

This adorable Pumpkin pie colour matching printable has an activity page and a cut-out page.

2 pages of pumpkin pie colour matching sheets

How to use this Pumpkin pie colour matching printable?

Here is a brief of two possible activities that you can make with this printable.

Velcro matching activity:

If you have a toddler, make a busy book page or velcro matching game for your toddler.

To make that you need to print and laminate both the pages. Then, Cut the matching pieces out and add a Self-adhesive velcro dot on the rear side of the pieces and also on the activity page. Kids need to match the loose pieces to their respective places on the activity page.

Cut and paste activity :

Preschoolers can practice cutting and gluing the pieces in the correct spot. My daughter is 3 years old now and we do this activity.

toddler cutting the pumpkin pie colour matching sheet practicing scissor skill

Although she cannot cut them precisely, she cuts along the lines we have drawn.

cut pieces of pumpkin pie printable

I had cut them again along the outline and finally,she sticks them over the activity sheet using a paper glue stick.

toddler glueing the pumpkin pie pieces

How to download this free printable?

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