Turkey Handprint Craft for Kids

Cute Turkey Handprint Craft {Free Template}

This Thanksgiving, why not make a Handprint Turkey Craft with your Kids and create something unique and adorable?  This Craft is easy to do and doesn’t require much time or supplies, so it’s perfect for those who are short on time this Holiday season.

I have shared directions, Video tutorials, and a free printable template to make your own Turkey Handprint craft in this blog.

Handprint turkey craft for kids

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Turkey Handprint Craft

One of the most popular crafts that children love to do is a Handprint Holiday craft, and it is fun and a beautiful way to have a keepsake from the kids. So if you are looking for a cute thanksgiving Craft, this Handprint turkey is the one! Read on to learn how to make it with your kids’ Handprint.

Things you will need

Video tutorial

This video shows how to make a Thanksgiving Turkey Craft with Handprints. It also has a few Snippets of my 4-year-old daughter making her Handprint Turkey.

Step By Step instructions

Download the free printable at the end of the post and print the page you need. Cut all the pieces out. These are the Template to trace and cut the Turkey craft elements.

Handprint Turkey craft pieces

Use the template to trace and cut the elements with the craft Paper (Head and body) and Cardstock (Rest of the pieces. You can use construction paper as well.

Begin by sticking the head and body using Glue Stick (Remember head is the bigger one)

Next, add Beak, Snood, Wings at the respective position on the head and body. Add the 2-piece Hat as well. Cut a strip of red and a patch of yellow and Paste it on the Hat. Also, Attach the legs in Yellow.

Paper turkey craft add beak, wings and hat

Cut out the eyes from the Template and paste it on the Face. We have added some details like Eyelashes and eyebrows to make Turkey look adorable. You can optionally use Google eyes.

add details to the paper turkey

Lastly, make a pair of Handprints in orange, yellow or Red and paste them on the rear of the body.

Add wings to the paper turkey

The Handprint turkeys are all set to decorate your Wall.

Handprint Turkey

For Younger Kids

This craft temple is Suitable for Kindergarten kids who can use the Template to cut and make a craft. For younger kids, you can Pre-cut the pieces using the Template. So that the Toddlers and Preschoolers also would be able to do this Craft.  They will simply glue the pieces together and make this paper Turkey.

Handprint turkey craft by preschooler
Handprint Turkey Craft made by our 4-year-old daughter

How to download the Free Template?

Sign up here in the form below, and I will send the PDF with the Turkey craft Template to your mail ID.

These are only for personal and single classroom use. Thank you!

Please note: The Template also has a pre-coloured one, which you can use to make a cut and paste craft activity.

Do you have any other requirements to suit it for the classroom environment? Kindly let me know so that I can include it in my future templates. I am also planning to share SVG files so that you can easily cut them in Cricut. But let me know if it will be helpful for any of you.

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Handprint turkey craft for kids

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