Turkey Shape matching

Let’s learn some shapes with this turkey shape matching game. With 6 matching pieces, these are perfect for toddler’s hands and mind.

This free digital download has an activity page and a cut-out page.

How to use this Turkey shape matching printable?

Here is a brief of a few possible activities that you can make with this printable.

Velcro matching activity:

Print and laminate both the pages. Then, Cut the matching pieces out and add a Self-adhesive velcro on the rear side of matching pieces and on the activity page.

Kids just have to affix the matching pieces in it’s place. This way toddlers can play this game over and over again.

Cut and paste activity :

Preschoolers can practice cutting and gluing the pieces in the correct spot on the activity page

Sensory tray matching :

Hide the matching pieces in a sensory tray and let the kid have fun to dig them out and match. Laminate the pieces for durability.

Scavenger hunt :

Hide the matching pieces and use the activity page as a list to find them.

Let us know if you could think of any other ideas to use this printable.

How to download this free printable?

This printable is available in our free printables library. If you are already a subscriber, use the password from any of our latest newsletters to login. Or else just sign up to get the password.

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