Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

All activities should be supervised by an adult. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This post may contain affiliate links.

Are you looking for fun Thanksgiving activities to do with kids? This Blog is a great source to find the Best Thanksgiving Crafts, Books, Best videos to learn about Thanksgiving, printable Worksheets, and more.

Thanksgiving activities for kids

This post contains affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

We live in Germany, and Thanksgiving is not a Celebration here, Yet Last year, we did several Turkey-themed activities that I compiled in this Blog. We loved it and so I am adding a few more fun activities with Turkeys this year as well.

So this Blog will be a growing list of Thanksgiving activities as I will add more ideas every year. So pin this Blog to your Activities board on Pinterest to check again later.

Now, Let’s dive in.

What is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November in the United States. It began in 1621 as a day of giving Thanks for the harvest of the previous year. Thanksgiving festival is also observed in countries like Canada,  Canada, Grenada, Saint Lucia, and Liberia, but on a different date. 

Thanksgiving Date 2022

In 2022, Thanksgiving will be observed on  November 24.

How do people celebrate Thanksgiving? 

Thanksgiving is a great time of year to stop and reflect on the good things in life. It is also an occasion for families to come together, and give each other thanks. For many, the holiday also means the opportunity to enjoy some delicious food.
Every Thanksgiving, people gather with their family and friends to share their blessings.

Thanksgiving Activities for kids

I have listed 15 Activities that will keep toddlers and preschoolers engaged. However, The crafts are suitable for kids of all ages. Celebrate the holiday with your kids by incorporating these fun Thanksgiving activities for kids into your day!

Handprint Turkey Craft

Every holiday has its traditions. In the United States, Turkey is often served to celebrate Thanksgiving. One popular craft for celebrating this tradition is to have children create their own Handprint Turkey Craft.

Handprint Turkey

Get the Free template to make this Handprint Turkey Craft 

Fork-Painted Turkey Craft

Have you ever Painted with Fork? This year, we made this Cute Turkey by painting with a fork! It is super easy and suitable for kids of all ages. Get the Free template and try this Process art with your kids.

Easy Corn Craft

A Super Easy Thanksgiving Craft perfect for Toddlers who are past the stage of putting everything in their mouth. It is also effortless to set up, and Young kids will love this activity.

Easy corn craft for kids

Get the Free template to make this Easy Corn Craft

Thanksgiving Colouring pages

Colouring pages are the perfect easy prep activities that can guarantee hours of Quiet time for kids of all ages. So Download these 6 Thanksgiving colouring pages now and Enjoy! These are free printables.

Thanksgiving colouring pages

Scarecrow Craft

Welcome the Harvest season with this Thanksgiving craft! It is easy to make with the Free template. And the kids will love to play with the Popsicle Scarecrow Toys!

paper scarecrow craft

Footprint Thanksgiving card

Create a fun and heartwarming keepsake with your child and send it to your beloved ones. Or you can frame it and decorate your child’s room. But, how to make it? Just Print and stamp your Child’s Footprint with washable Paint. This is a Super-easy and Budget-Friendly craft to make memories.

Diy Thanksgiving card with footprint

Download this Printable at the end of the post by signing up.

Pumpkin Pie Colour Matching

Who doesn’t love pumpkin pie? It is the most popular dessert of the thanksgiving season. I made this colour-matching busy book (velcro matching) activity when my child was a toddler. This is perfect for young kids to practice colour discrimination.

Pumpkin pie shape matching

Learn more in the Blog and Download the free printable.

Turkey Shape matching

Another Velcro matching Activity for toddlers, where kids have to match the shape on their shadows. Great activity for toddlers to learn the basic shapes.

Turkey shape match

Enjoy Activities from Thanksgiving Busy book

Our Thanksgiving Busy book has 11 different activities that are suitable for Toddlers and Preschoolers. You can Make this book easily at home with our busy book printable. This is such a great way to learn Numbers, letters, Shapes, Colours, and emotions, in a playful way.

Moreover, kids learn the story of thanksgiving and the popular Thanksgiving dishes. The dress-up Game is so much fun! Click on the image to see all the Activity Pages.

Colour Code Colouring

Code colouring is an excellent way to practice letter and number recognition. And also a great way to keep kids busy for a while. These four worksheets with turkeys and pies are perfect for the season for preschoolers.

Thanksgiving worksheets

Turkey Busy Bag

These turkeys have colourful feathers. This child has to find the turkey with the exact colours in the base cards and match them up. Simple visual perception task that kids will find very interesting. Grab the free printable from the Blog, print and make your busy bag activity.

Turkey busy bag colour matching

Counting 1 to 20 with turkey

This counting printable is perfect for Practicing  – 1 to 20 Number Recognition and counting skills. It has 20 + 20 cards and is very easy to prepare. You can just print it on cardstock and cut the cards out.

Include this in your Math centres and have the kids practice Numbers.

Turkey 1 to 20 counting printable

Turkey-themed Unit Study

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to learn about Turkeys. Create a Turkey Unit study with the Lapbook Printable from the Simple living creative learning blog.

Turkey Unit study

We learned about Turkey’s life cycle, Parts of turkey, Diet, habitat and facts. We also watched videos about Turkey on YouTube.

Thanksgiving Picture Books

A couple of exciting picture books for kids to read during Thanksgiving.

  • Balloon over Broadway  – Beautifully illustrated book that says the actual story of Tony and Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and how Tony came to invent his giant balloons.
  • How to Catch a Turkey – This hilarious children’s picture book combines STEAM concepts and traps with a silly story and fun illustrations. There are more books in the series -How to catch a unicorn, and How to catch an Easter Bunny.
  • Turkey Trouble – A hilarious story of a turkey who comes up with the perfect disguise to escape during thanksgiving.
  • Pete the Cat: First Thanksgiving – Another great book from the Pete the Cat series; This lift the Flap book is perfect for the holiday.

Some more Thanksgiving Picture books

Videos for Kids to learn about Thanksgiving

I have listed some great videos for Kids to learn about the history of Thanksgiving and how it is celebrated in the United States. These are perfect for kids of any age to learn about the event and traditions.

This Video will show the kids the story of the Pilgrims; How native Americans helped them grow crops on the new land. Perfect to Learn How the tradition began in 1621.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is an American tradition that almost every household watches on the day before Thanksgiving to celebrate the holiday season. From the giant balloons to the dazzling Broadway performances, nothing says Thanksgiving like the Macy’s Parade. Have a Glimpse of the Parade in this video; My daughter loved it.

The following Video is a Compilation of Popular food that people have during their Thanksgiving meal with their Families. This list includes Roasted Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, Corn and Pumpkin pie.

Did you love all the Thanksgiving activity ideas and recommendations? I will be adding more great ideas to this list every year. So Don’t forget to pin this Blog for later and follow us on Pinterest for awesome ideas for every season.

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How to download printable?

To make your Thanksgiving card with your child’s footprint, all you need is just some paint and our printable (Available in both Landscape and portrait format). Please click on the button below, To download your Free thanksgiving card Template

Please note that this file is only for personal use. If you want to share this with your friends, kindly direct them to my website. Thanks!

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