What is a Toddler Busy Book?

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Are you a Parent constantly on the lookout for more creative tools to stimulate your child’s development? 

You’ve come to the right place because this blog illustrates everything about the Interactive Learning Books for kids known as Busy books. 

Learn what is a Busy Book and why it might be Your Toddler’s Next Favourite Learning Tool. 

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This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

So what exactly is a Toddler Busy Book?

Toddler Busy books are Books with Interactive Activity Pages that allows Toddlers to use their hands and mind to solve the activities in the book. 

The bright and colourful layout of this book, along with the removable pictures, helps Toddlers explore their heart’s content.

Busy book Activities
Interactive Activities from our Spring Busy Book for Toddlers

Personally, the main reason that I love these books is that they have a lot of variety in them. Toddlers get bored easily, but the busy book has a Ton of Activities in it, making it ideal for any growing child.

 It’s basically a Child’s Personal Interactive learning folder!

Here’s a video that will give you a clearer idea of what one of our busy books looks like.

The Busy book or Toddler learning folder in the video is our bestseller and More than 1000 Toddlers have this book currently. Get the Latest Version with 22 Activities here

Why is it known as a Busy book? 

Popularly known as Busy Book or a ‘Quiet Book’ Because they keep kids Engaged with their various Interactive activities for even hours.  Other Names include

  1. Printable Quiet Book
  2. Learning Binder
  3. Interactive Learning Folder
  4. File Folder Games
  5. Busy Binder
  6. Velcro matching Activities

Each Educator like to call it differently, But, in general, all these are Names commonly used for the Collection of Laminated Velcro matching Games. 

Suitable Age Group to use a Busy book

This book can be a wonderful Hands-on toy for toddlers as well as preschoolers or Kindergarten kids. 

But how can it suit different age groups? 

Let me Explain it with Activities from two Busy books for different ages. 

This Order by size Activity (4 Loose parts) is suitable for Beginners.

Vampire Size sorting activity from Halloween Activity book
An “order By size” Activity from Halloween Busy Book

While this Alphabet matching Activity(26 loose parts) is for older kids like preschoolers/ Kindergarten kids. 

Alphabet Matching game from Easter learning binder
Alphabet matching Activity From Easter Busy book

As your Kids Grow, you can Increase the Complexity of Activities or Add more Advanced Topics. 

Ideally, I would say these Interactive books are a Great Learning Companion for kids from 1.5 years to 6 years, Only thing that you need to do is, choose activities based on what your child is currently learning. 

What is special about a Busy book? What does it usually Have?

Learn the Life cycle of the Frog

Busy books are perfect for any child who is learning the basics. When you’re starting to teach your Toddler, you want some handy material to help you give your child Visual details. 

Yes, many books do this, but these books generally don’t allow your kids to interact with them in the same way they would with a busy book. 

Whereas a single busy book can have a plethora of topics, including but not limited to:

  1. Your child’s Ideal first topics (Colours, shapes, numbers, and alphabets)
  2. Exciting guessing games that help them get familiar with the animal, vegetable, and other common names.
  3. Interactive pages that include many different objects that help fuel any kid’s imagination.
  4. A variety of activities to keep toddlers engaged like matching, sorting, and counting.
A fun way to Learn Numbers 1 to 20 with this Interactive Snail

A lot of these activities focus on learning basics and so it is also called the Toddler learning folder or the Toddler learning binder.

How many books does a Child need? 

One Book at a Time. 

To be Very Precise, Your child will benefit more when you provide one good Age-appropriate Busy Book at a Time. This Learning Binder should also reflect what the child is currently learning. 

At times, You can add seasonal or Holiday books/ Theme Books but keep as less as possible on the shelf. 

How is it different from a Traditional Felt Quiet Book? 

Felt books are great for Tiny tots and have a range of Benefits, the Primary one being Fine Motor Skills. But Printable Busy Books offer much more learning value compared to a Traditional Quiet Book made of Felt. 

Felt books are very Time-consuming to make. I created a Felt Quiet book with 10 Activities to learn numbers. Although the book was great, it took me around 3 weeks and the fabric cost was very High. 


But the Printable Busy books are easy to make and Anyone can make them at home. With your Choice of Busy book Printable and the Right set of Tools, You can make an engaging book in a Couple of Hours. 

How to make a Busy book at Home? 

Busy book in 5 Simple steps: Print the Pages, Laminate them, Cut the Matching pieces out and Affix Velcro dots. Finally, organise it in a binder. Here is a video on How I Make a busy book at home. 

Approximately, you need 90 minutes to assemble a Book with 10 Activities

Check this Complete Guide on how to Assemble a Busy book at home

Tools and Supplies needed to make a Busy book

Optional Tools

We Use Epson Ink Tank Printer to print our Busy book Pages on HP 120GSM Printing papers

What are the Advantages of having a Busy Book?

A Busy Book is great to entertain children without the use of technology. If you’re in a place where you want your kid to be occupied, then you can always give your child one of these books.

The colourful images and easy-to-understand puzzles will have your kid enthralled. There is a great choice for kids with less attention span. Perfect for Airplane trips or long car rides. You can also take it to the doctor appointments, restaurants or church services, and siblings’ extra-curricular activities. 

Toddler Busy using a Busy book
Toddlers are focused while using an interactive activity book

Each child can benefit from having a busy book of their own. The beauty of busy books is that kids can explore all the activities at their own pace. This allows them to have more than enough time to soak in all the knowledge. 

The Laminated busy books are very durable and they are as good as new forever even if you use them with multiple kids.

What are the Developmental Skills associated with Busy Books?

  1. Fine motor skill development
  2. Aids in Visual discrimination.
  3. Improves Hand-eye coordination
  4. Promotes Bilateral Coordination.
  5. Improves reasoning, cognition and spatial skills. 
  6. Improves their Number recognition and alphabet recognition
  7. Strengthens their grasping movements
  8. It helps them with their Language development
  9. Pretend Play activities develop with Creativity and imagination.
  10. It is great to teach Kids new concepts
Interactive Learning page about Solar System

This book will also give you some time to relax because busy books are fairly simple to understand. Your kid will learn how to work out puzzles on their own, and all you need to do is give them a nudge in the right direction.

Additionally, the ability to customize this book means that You’ll be able to give your child what they’re most interested in. 

Where to find a Busy Book Printable for my child?

TPT and ETSY are great Places to find Busy Binder Printables for all Age groups. I have created some unique Busy books for my child and you can see them on our LittleLadoo Shop. 

Where can I get a free Busy book Printables to try with my child? 

Want to try some Free Busy book Activities? I have made Three Activities suitable for Beginners. Click on the image below to get 3 Busy book Pages as a Freebie.

Free Busy Binder for Toddlers

Final Thoughts on Busy Books

  • Busy books are so much fun and one of the clever toys that allow kids to learn playfully.
  • These are easy to make and are Durable.
  • Helps Kids with Basic Developmental Skills.
  • It is a great learning resource for Homeschooling Kids and also suitable in Classroom environments.
  • Functional for Different age groups.

I hope you found this article helpful and are interested to try some activities with your child.

If you have any other queries, please leave a message in the comment section.

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