Digestive system Maze

DIY Cardboard Digestive system Maze to learn how Food travels

A fun Maze activity to teach our toddlers about the digestive system, good eating habits, drinking water, etc.Digestive system maze

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Learn about the Digestive system

Teaching them about our body’s digestive tract, how food is broken down will help them understand their own body better and the uses of food too.

We are what we eat. Food and water are the most basic requirements needed for a healthy life, but eating well is just as important.

I feel it is important to teach the same to our kids as early as possible as they will appreciate the importance of food earlier than we did, and hence be more responsible at a very young age.

Why Cardboard Maze?

We have all seen that interactive activities help kids learn everything better. The more the senses of the body involved, the more they learn. Hence, I decided to make it a maze activity.

how to teach digestive system for kids

We have already made many cardboard mazes, But this is slightly different with the narrow paths and sharp curves.

What You’ll Need to make a digestive system maze?

  1. Cardboard sheet.
  2. Pencil, pen, colour pencils. 
  3. Cutter, cutting board, Steel ruler.
  4. Playdough or Air dry clay.
  5. Hot glue gun.

Instruction to make a Digestive system Maze:

Draw on the base

Draw the Digestive system on a big piece of cardboard. The one you see here is about 40cm long. Modify the measurement at your convenience. Digestive system drawing

Prepare Strips for the walls.

Cut long strips of cardboard using a Ruler and Cutter. I always cut mine by placing the cardboard sheet over a Cutting mat. I have made about 6 strips, each 5mm in width.

These strips will act as the walls for the digestive maze. Before glueing it to the base, bent the strips in both directions to make it flexible. Bending cardboard for digestive system maze

Make the walls of the track

Apply hot glue along the digestive tract walls, and proceed to stick the strips by bending them to fit the digestive tract’s curvy lines. Apply hot glue gun

Add cardboard strips digestive system maze working

Here is a picture of two strips glued to the base. Can you see how it is bent and glued perfectly over the line? Likewise, glue all the walls of the digestive tract.

Digestive system progress

Optionally, you can differentiate the intestines in contrasting colours. The usage of bright colours creatively can make the activity look more fun.

Make a bridge

I am sure it must be so simple so far. But the job gets slightly hard at this point, where the small intestine crosses the large intestine. We will have to make a bridge for the maze ball to pass through to create an uninterrupted path.

For this, I pasted a small strip of thick paper over the track and made it act as the bridge. And I later added cardboard strips as walls to the bridge.Strip paper to digestive system maze

I have also added Playdough on the slope to make the transition smooth. You can use any modelling material you have at home. 

playdough add to digestive system maze

Note- If you want to make the process a little easier, you can make the meeting point of the intestines a four-way intersection. This will help your child think over which could be the right path and hence learn more effectively.

Now, this is important; use something Small and Heavy to run through the maze. Ball bearings would be a great choice.
Finally! this maze is ready! Watch our digestive system maze at work.

My lo not only had the fun she usually has, but also learned about the importance of food, and I intend to teach her till she becomes more and more aware of it.

I am happy with the time and effort I put into this activity. It took me approximately 20 minutes to complete the maze after the drawings are completed. 

Final thoughts on our Digestive system maze

The maze actually takes only about 30 to 60 seconds to complete. But kids will love this enough to play it a few more times, and the knowledge it gives makes it worth our time and effort.

After all, learning while having fun is great.

You can also explain, like I mentioned above, the importance of chewing food properly. Something as simple as “food not chewed properly will not pass through the maze, and it will make anybody sick.” Also, The importance of drinking water, how food is absorbed and so on.

A few more tips

  1. If a narrow maze is difficult to make, you can scale it up with wider paths.
  2. You can also make the entire maze with playdough instead of cardboard.
  3. If your kid is old enough, you can add other digestive organs such as the liver, pancreas, etc., to teach them.

You might also like this Internal organ Learning binder, Which has 6 interactive activities to learn what’s inside our body.

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disgestive systme maze to teach how food travels

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