Digestive system Maze

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Are you looking for an interactive way to teach the Digestive System to young children? This Digestive system Maze might be perfect!

I made this Interactive Maze with cardboard to show my daughter How food moves inside our bodies.

This is also such a fun way to learn the Parts of the Digestive system.

So Get ready to learn how to make the DIY Cardboard Digestive System Maze. Also, make sure you check out our other Fun Cardboard Maze Ideas for kids. 

Digestive system interactive model

Digestive system for kids

One crucial aspect is the digestive system, which helps us break down the food we eat and turn it into energy.

Teaching kids about the digestive tract and how food is broken down, will help them understand their own body better and make healthier choices. 

When they grasp the significance of good nutrition early on, they become more responsible and take care of themselves from a young age.

This cardboard maze is one of the best ways to teach kids about the Digestive system.

Why Cardboard Maze?

We have all seen that interactive activities help kids learn everything better. The more the senses of the body are involved, the more they know.

Hence, this cool Digestive System maze is perfect to learn how food moves through our bodies!

how to teach digestive system for kids

We’ll build a pathway to represent how food travels from our mouth to the end. It’s a hands-on activity that helps kids learn about their bodies while having lots of fun.

We have already made many Cardboard mazes, But this one is distinct with a learning aspect. 

Watch a Video of the Digestive System Working Model


What You’ll Need to Make a Digestive system maze?

  1. Huge cardboard Sheet
  2. Cutter
  3. Cutting Mat
  4. Hot glue gun
  5. Steel ruler
  6. Coloured Pencils or Felt tip Pens
  7. A little bit of Playdough or Air Dry Clay.


Instruction to make a Digestive System Maze

Draw on the base

Draw the Digestive system on a cardboard sheet. Please note, the Intestines shouldn’t be complex. We need a simple path to create a Maze.

Use a coloured pencil to colour the Body.

The size of the Cardboard that I have used is approximately 40 cm x 20 cm. You can vary the cardboard size to your convenience.

Digestive system drawing

Make Long Strips of Cardboard

To make the Walls of the Digestive system Maze, we need thin and long strips of Cardboard. Place a Cardboard sheet on a Cutting Mat and Cut a few Long strips.

I made about six strips, each 5mm in width.

The width of the strip has to be bigger than the size of the ball we will use for the maze. Make enough strips needed to cover the entire length of the digestive tract.

Bend the Cardboard Strips

In order to glue cardboard strips easily along the curvy walls of the Digestive Tract, we need to make them flexible.

Bend or roll all the strips on either sideways so that the Strips lose the rigidity along the length.

Bending cardboard for digestive system maze

Stick the Strips on the Base

Apply Glue along the Digestive Tract walls using Hot Glue Gun.

Apply hot glue gun

Quickly, bend the Cardboard strips and stick them on either digestive track’s curvy lines.

Slowly, Sticking a few inches at a time, Glue all the walls leaving a small Gap at the Path Intersection.

Add cardboard strips digestive system maze working

Here is a picture of two strips glued to the base. Can you see how it is bent and glued perfectly over the line? Likewise, glue all the walls of the digestive tract.

Digestive system progress

Differentiate the Intestines

Optionally, you can differentiate the intestines in contrasting colours. The use of bright colours creatively can make the Activity look more fun.

Make a bridge

We have an intersection at the point where the Small Intestine crosses the Large Intestine. We need to create an uninterrupted path for the Maze Ball by building a bridge.

Take a Small Strip of thick Paper and glue it over the track intersection in such a way that it acts as a bridge. Next, Glue cardboard strips to the wall of the bridge.

Strip paper to digestive system maze

next, Mould some Playdough or Clay on the slope To make the perfect sloppy path to the bridge. The ball should maintain a smooth transition near the bridge without having any barriers.

This step is the only tricky part of the DIY. If you want to make the step a little easier, make the meeting point a four-way intersection. This can help the child think about which could be the right path and learn more effectively.

playdough add to digestive system maze

The Digestive System Maze is ready! Use a Small and Heavy ball to run through the Maze. Ball bearings would be a fantastic choice.

You will need less than an hour to make this DIY and Kids would love to play again and again.

A few more ideas

  1. You can also make a much bigger Cardboard maze with wider paths. But make sure that it is convenient for kids to hold in Hald and complete the maze.
  2. If you think Cutting Cardboard precisely is difficult, Another easy way to make the maze is using Playdough for the tracts instead of Cardboard.
  3. For Bigger Kids, You can add other Digestive organs such as the liver, pancreas, etc, to teach them.

You might also like this Internal organ Learning binder, Which has six interactive activities to learn what’s inside our body. This Binder is perfect for 3 to 6 years old.

Printable learning binder pack of internal organs

Final thoughts on our Digestive system maze

This Interactive Cardboard Maze helps kids to learn the Digestive System in a fun Way.

Moreover, we can also Teach the importance of chewing food properly and drinking enough water.

We can show how nutrients are absorbed and how waste is excreted from the body.

Using these instructions, you can create many other Body Systems models to teach young children. Some Ideas are the Respiratory system, 4 chambers of the Heart (to show how Blood Circulates)

When Learning is Interactive and more senses of the body are involved, Children can absorb and better retain the information they have learned.


Digestive system Maze

Did this post inspire you to make one for your child? Let me know how you liked this Idea:)

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