Letter A busy bag

What is inside our Letter A Busy bag? Apple Sorting cards! This Busy bag is such a fun way to practice letter Recognition of Upper case and lowercase Letter A and sort them.

apple sorting letter A activities

The pack is designed with two difficulty levels, and each one has 16 cards that need to be sorted on the base sheet. This visual discrimination activity helps the kid differentiate between upper and lower cases A.

This free printable can be downloaded at the end of the post.

So what is a busy Bag?

If you hear this for the first time, it is a bag with simple and engaging activities that will keep toddlers busy in a plane or restaurant. It is small, handy, and easy to take along when travelling.

So here is our A busy bag that has the Letter A activities. I call it a busy pack because I am storing these in envelopes.

What do you need to make this A busy bag?

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  1. A letter busy bag Printable
  2. Cardstock 0r printing paper
  3. C6 envelop (To store)

This printable has two base cards and 32 pieces, and you can print them on cardstock and cut them into cards. Lamination can be done if you prefer but not recommended as cardstock is thick enough to use a few times.

How to use it?

You are ready to play after cutting the cards apart over the dotted lines!

Begin by using stage one cards, where the child will sort the upper and Lowercase Apple. Let the kid pick a card and place it on the matching plate.

Once the child has mastered this, move to stage 2, where the child has to sort four types of apples—sorting the apples by cases and colour simultaneously.

Letter A apple sorting game

This entire set can be easily stored in a C6 size envelope.

Grab your set

Ready to make your Letter A busy bag? Click here to download the free printable. 

Also, do check our Letter S busy bag.

Count & Clip cards

We hope you love our printables! Please leave a comment to let us know your thoughts.

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