Presents Busy Bag Printable

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Have you ever heard of a Busy Bag? It’s a clever way to keep your little ones entertained and engaged when they need a quiet activity.

They’re also great for passing the time in waiting rooms or during travel.

Our Christmas Presents Busy Bag Printable lets you make a fun and Engaging busy bag activity.

This is perfect for preschoolers and will help them develop important visual perception skills. Give it a try and see how much your child enjoys it!

Presents Busy Bag printable


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Presents Busy Bag Printable

This Busy Bag printable Helps kids with Visual Perseption Skills.

It comes with 12 base cards and matching cards. To complete the activity, your child needs to find the matching card with the same colour combination as the present on the base card.

Present colour matching cards

It’s a fun and challenging activity that your child will love. Simply sign up at the end of the post to download and enjoy!

What is Visual Perception? 

Visual perception is the process of interpreting what you see. Visual Perception activities help kids become more observant and aware as they grow.

Preparing the Presents Busy Bag Cards

Preparation for this Christmas Presents Busy Bag Printable is Super-easy! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download the printable PDF file.
  2. Print all three pages using high-quality printer settings onto cardstock.
  3. Cut out all 12 base cards and 12 Matching Cards along the edges.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll have a fun and interactive matching activity that will keep your child engaged and entertained!

Colour matching cards for christmas

Is Laminating the Busy Bag cards necessary?

While laminating the cards is an option, it’s important to note that it’s not necessary since printing on cardstock provides enough durability for multiple plays. We always never laminate our Busy Bag Cards.

However, if you plan on using these cards in a classroom setting or with a large group of children, laminating them may be a good idea to ensure they last longer.

How to Play the Present Colour Matching Game?

Arrange the base cards on a table and hand the matching cards to your child. Encourage them to find the presents with matching colours and place them on the corresponding base cards.

Toddler playing Colour matching game

This simple but effective visual perception task is crucial for cognitive development.

For younger children, start with just six cards and gradually increase the difficulty level as they improve.

What is the Best Way to store the Matching cards?

You can store them in small pouches or C6-size envelopes. Make use of the labels in the printable for Organisation.

Pin this colour matching Activity now and revisit it whenever you need a fun activity!

Christmas Busy Bag Printable

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