Turkey Busy bag Printable

This Turkey Busy bag printable is our recent addition to the Thanksgiving free printables. This activity helps the child to practice their visual perception skills.

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What is Visual Perception?

Visual perception is the process by which we interpret what we see. More than just seeing, it’s a complex system for dealing with the world. For example, Reading a word requires visual perception skills.

Some activities that help to develop visual perception are Puzzles, Matching games, and Memory games.  They help kids to become more observant and aware as they grow.

In this Turkey busy bag printable activity, Kids see the two colours in the base card, observe which turkey has feathers with the same colour combination and then match them up.


This pack has two pages with six base cards, six matching cards, and a label for the busy bag.

Turkey busy bag printable pages. 2 paper full of turkeys

You can print them on cardstock and cut them into individual pieces. Please note that lamination is not necessary as cardstock is good enough to last for multiple plays.

Turkey busy bag colour matching

How to play

The kid has to see the two colours in the base cards, find the turkey with that colour feathers, and place it over the base card.

In other words, the kid does a small visual perception task which is vital in cognitive processing.

How do you store these cards?

I recommend storing these small cards in a C6 size envelope like these because envelopes are an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to keep the busy bag pieces compared to the traditional ziplock pouches.

Turkey busy bag blue envelopeBesides, you can also find a label in the printable to stick on the cover. Thus making it easy to store and find the right busy bag.

How to download this free printable?

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