Turkey Busy bag Printable

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Are you looking for a fun and engaging activity to help your child develop their visual perception skills? Look no further than this Turkey Busy Bag Printable!

Ideal for Thanksgiving or any time of year, this activity is easy to prepare with the Turkey Busy Bag Printable. Simply download the free printable by signing up at the end of the post. And you’ll have everything you need to create an exciting Colour matching game for your little one.

But that’s not all! Check out our other Thanksgiving activities for kids and make the most of this festive season.

Turkey Busy bag printable


What is Visual Perception?

It’s the process of interpreting what we see. Visual perception involves a complex system for dealing with the world, not just simple observation. Reading a word, for example, requires visual perception skills.

Puzzles, matching games, and memory games are activities that aid in the development of visual perception in children. These games help children become more observant and aware as they grow.

How does this Turkey Busy Bag Printable help with Visual Perception?

In this colour-matching activity, children use their visual perception skills to identify the two colours on the base card, observe which turkey has feathers with the same colour combination, and then match them up.

Preparing Turkey Busy Bag

To get started, download and print the printable on cardstock. The Busy Bag Printable includes two pages with six base cards, six matching cards, and a label for the busy bag.

After printing, cut the cards into individual pieces. There’s no need for lamination since cardstock is durable enough to withstand multiple rounds of play.

Turkey Colour Matching Busy Bag printable

How to Play the Game?

This activity requires the child to identify the two colours on the base cards, locate the turkey with feathers in that colour combination, and place it over the corresponding base card.

This simple task helps to develop visual perception skills, which are crucial in cognitive processing.

For older kids,  here are a few more Turkey-Themed Busy Bag Ideas – Use the Clipcards from the  Turkey Fractions Booklet or the cards from the Turkey Feather counting Activity

What’s the best way to store these Colour matching cards?

I suggest using a C6 size envelope, such as these, to store the small cards. Envelopes are an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional ziplock pouches for keeping busy bag pieces organized.

Besides, you can also find a label in the printable to stick on the cover. Thus making it easy to store and find the right busy bag that you need.

Storing Cards in pouch

At our home, we love to keep our collection of busy bag games organized and easily accessible. That’s why we store them all in envelopes like these and neatly arrange them in containers.

As you can see in the picture below, each envelope contains a different activity, ranging from flashcards and hands-on activities to simple matching games and clip cards.

Turkey Color Matching cards

And the best part? Most of the free printables we provide on our site come with a label, making it a breeze to locate them whenever you need them!

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Packed with a variety of fun and interactive activities, this book is perfect for teaching young children important concepts such as numbers, letters, colours, and shapes. But that’s not all – kids will also learn about the history of Thanksgiving and traditional Thanksgiving dishes.

Our colouring pages are a great way to celebrate the Thanksgiving season and express their creativity. They are perfect for children of all ages and skill levels.

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Thanksgiving Busy bag Colour matching game

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