Letter S busy bag

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What’s inside our S busy bag?


Count & Clip cards

We have these count and clip cards with things that have the beginning sound S. I created this activity not only to learn some “S” words but also to practice counting and number identification. This is a free printable and can be downloaded at the end of the post.

What is a busy bag?

A bag or packet with simple and engaging activities that keep the kids busy. These bags can be customized for any age and can be easily taken along. Perfect for eating out or during road trips to keep the little one entertained.

This is from our S busy bag made for our 3-year-old and I am planning to make one bag for each alphabet.

What do you need to make this S busy bag?

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  1. S letter busy bag Printable
  2. Cardstock 0r printing paper
  3. Clothespin
  4. C6 envelop (To store)

Count and clip cards s busy bag

This printable has 6 cards and you can print them on cardstock and cut them into cards. Lamination can be done if you prefer but not recommended as cardstock is thick enough to use a few times.

How to use it?

After cutting the cards apart, all you need to do is grab some clothespins, and you are ready to play!

Let the kid pick a card, name it, and then count and clip the matching number. This activity strengthens finger muscles.

If the kid is not ready to use clips, yet loves counting games, you can use blocks or coins and to simply place it over matching numbers.

Although 3 years old can count up to 10 or 20, I kept it simple and made these cards for practising 1 to 5.

Busy bag s inside cards and clips

I have stored these cards and clips in a C6 size envelope. All the upcoming activities in this series will have Alphabet printable activities that can be stored in a C6 envelope.

Grab your pack

Ready to make your Letter S busy bag? Click here to download the free printable 

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