6 Christmas Tree Crafts for Kids

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December is here and is the perfect time to make Christmas crafts with Kids.

Having created numerous Christmas Tree crafts over the years, I’ve gathered them all to compile “Easy and Fun Christmas tree crafts that your kids will adore”.

There are 6 fabulous ideas to do a Christmas tree Craft,  you can choose one that is best for your child’s age and abilities.

Christmas Tree Crafts for kids

The Christmas tree holds a special place in my heart!

I grew up in the southern part of India, where the Christmas tree tradition wasn’t prevalent due to the absence of pine trees. Upon moving to Germany, I started this tradition in 2020.

From selecting the perfect tree at the store to adorning it with ornaments and lights, and capturing family photos on Christmas, we take joy in the process of creating and cherishing memories.

Crafting a Christmas tree is also something we love! Here are some fabulous Christmas Tree crafts that you can do with your kids.

Handprint Christmas Tree Craft

The Easiest way to make a Christmas tree is this Handprint Christmas Tree Craft.  Consider making one for each family member for a more festive display.

Alternatively, embark on an annual tradition of crafting a new tree with your child’s handprint—a truly delightful keepsake experience.

Easy Handprint Christmas tree craft for kids

Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree

Have Empty toilet paper rolls lying around? Transform them into stylish Christmas tree ornaments by Painting, cutting and hanging them on your tree.

It’s a cool and budget-friendly way to craft creative ornaments!

Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree

Do you know? The Christmas Tree tradition started in Germany in the 16th Century.

Torn Paper Christmas Tree Craft

Engage in another simple preschool Christmas tree craft using a free printable template.

This activity not only enhances fine motor skills but also allows for the creation of wonderful displays!

Christmas tree Preschool Craft

Fork-painted Christmas Tree Craft

Fashion a Christmas tree using just a basic kitchen utensil—the fork. Utilize the free Christmas tree template to achieve the perfect shape effortlessly.

Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft

Crafting with paper plates is a favourite among kids due to its simplicity and Sturdiness.

The steps are simple: paint the plate, let it dry, cut it into four quarters, stack three on top of each other, and secure them.

Add a popsicle stick, create stars, and decorate with paint. That’s all!

Paper Plate Christmas Tree craft

Pista Shell Christmas Tree Craft

This Christmas tree project is geared towards teens or adults and involves the use of a hot glue gun.

It serves as a fantastic Christmas decoration and a creative way to recycle pistachio shells—an inexpensive and adorable craft supply!

Pistachio shell christmas tree DIY

Enjoyed these Christmas craft ideas? Stay tuned for additional easy Christmas tree projects that will be coming soon.

I’ll continue to update this list with more ideas each year. Feel free to pin this post to your inspiration board for future reference.

Christmas Tree Crafts for kids

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