Popsicle Stick Santa Craft

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Get ready, Santa Claus is coming to town! The kids can create their own mini Santa this Christmas and contribute to the decorations with this fun Popsicle Stick Santa Craft. 

If you are wondering if it is tough, it isn’t. It is simple, easy, and requires very little supplies. You can also turn them into Christmas ornaments by simply attaching a thread on top of them!

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Things you will need to make this Popsicle Stick Santa Craft

Watch a Video on how to make this Popsicle Stick Santa



Directions to make Popsicle Stick Santa Craft

Begin by cutting out pieces of Santa’s hat in red, approximately 5 x 6 centimetres in size, as well as a small strip in black and two small rectangles (yellow and black) for the belt.

Ensure you have cotton swabs, googly eyes, and a red pom-pom at the ready.

Materials needed to make santa craft

Next, arrange four popsicle sticks side by side and secure them together with tape. Flip this arrangement over and use it as the base. Outline and attach the red hat on top.

Attaching sticks and hat together

Proceed to paint the lower part of the body in red, leaving the face unpainted. The red section should cover less than 2/3rd of the total length.

Painting the body of Santa in red colour


Once the paint has dried, affix the belt at the centre of the red area. Then, attach the yellow rectangle to the black strip and place the black rectangle on top of it.

Attaching belt to the Santa popsicle

After all the pieces are securely attached, it’s time to add the beard using cotton. Create a triangular beard shape and glue it in place with white glue.

Pasting cotton to make the beard and hat of Santa

Additionally, roll some cotton to create a slender, narrow cotton strand and glue it to the bottom of the hat. Roll another small ball of cotton and attach it to the top of the hat.

Finally, attach the googly eyes and the red pom-pom as the nose.

Red Popsicle stick Santa Craft

Your Santa decoration is now complete and ready!

Santa craft made with popsicle sticks, cotton, red paint

This is an enjoyable project that you can do either at home or in a classroom setting. You can incorporate it into your storytelling sessions or simply have some festive fun crafting with your children.

STep by step instruction to make popsicle stick santa craft

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