Christmas Activity Pack Printable

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Christmas is one of the most exciting times of year for kids. But, with so much to do, it can be challenging to figure out activities for Preschoolers during the Holidays.  Keep your Kids Busy with this Christmas Activity Pack Printable.

This Printable Bundle is Jam-packed with Hands-on activities that kids will love to do this Christmas.

Christmas activity pack for preschoolers

Christmas Activity Pack

This Christmas activity pack helps your child to Learn with Hands-on Activities that focus on Math and Literacy. It also includes Games like Puzzles, Board games, Trivia, etc. Best of all, it has Weaving craft templates, Colouring pages, and also Greeting card templates.

Watch some of the activities from this Christmas pack in the video below.

Get this Christmas Activity Pack Printable

There are plenty of fun activities in the video, But that’s not all. Let’s dive in to see all the activities along with some tips and tricks.

1. Sight word Builder

This fun Christmas tree Mat helps kids read, build, and Write the three-letter high-frequency Sight words. The mat needs to be laminated, and You need Movable Alphabets and Wipe Erase Pens.

Christmas word builder literacy

If you do not have the Movable Alphabet set, you can use the Alphabet cut-outs to make this activity.

2. Letter sound clip cards

This is a unique activity where the child finds both the beginning and ending sounds of each picture and clips them using clothespins. It helps with fine motor skills too.

Christmas letter sound clip cards

3. Santa 2-piece puzzle

Find and match Alphabet Uppercase and Lowercase cards and complete the Santa puzzle. There are 52 cards in total, and sometimes it gets overwhelming for the child. Here is what we do.

Divide them into 3 packs; 9 + 9 + 8 = 26 (Use the background colour to sort). Kids can easily finish when there are fewer loose parts to work on.

4. Roll and Cover Game

This is a fun game to play with Dice. There are two mats with numbers (arranged randomly). Roll the Dice and cover the matching number with manipulatives such as coins, buttons, or blocks. The game ends when all numbers are covered.

5. Number Puzzles

Arrange the Numbers to reveal a Christmas picture. This printable is perfectly suitable to reinforce numerals from 1 to 20.

Christmas number puzzle printable

6. Count and Clip cards

A hands-on fun activity to work on Counting, Number Identification, and fine motor skills.

Count and clip cards

7. Santa 10 Frame Counting

10 Frame is a great mathematical tool to help children learn counting, addition, and subtraction. Use manipulatives or the present loose parts to match the displayed number in the ten frames.

Santa 10 frame

8. Xmas Tree Matching Game

A Visual perception Game that is fun as well as challenging for preschoolers. There are 16 different X-mas trees and 16 Feature cards with Tree Shilhoutee, Ornament, and Star. The child matches them up by observing the features and Perceivein them together. Great for developing Visual perception skills.

9. Christmas Trivia cards

18 Easy Christmas questions for kids with Answers in card format. Great to Play a Trivia Game or learn facts with your kids.Christmas trivia cards printable

10. Sudoku Puzzle mats

Sudoko Games are a great way to strengthen your child’s logical reasoning skills. In fact, a Picture Sudoko like this is the best way to introduce it to your child. Before starting, Teach the rule that no repetition of pictures in a Row or Column. The child uses this as a clue and completes the puzzle.

11. Board Game

Print on cardstock and create a Christmas Dice board game for kids. Dice games help kids with Subtising, which means the ability to recognize the numbers without actually counting instantly.

12. Worksheets

Ten different worksheets on Visual Skills, logic, Counting, alphabet, and Pen control. Read the instruction and help kids understand each activity.

13. Christmas Weaving template

Weaving activity helps kids with fine motor skills. These 4 Christmas weaving craft templates are super helpful to introduce the art of weaving.

christmas Weaving craft

Print the Template on Thick paper, make slits on lines, and Cut out the strips. Show your kids how to weave, and they will learn with practice.

14. Colouring Pages

Kids love colouring activities, and the pack has well-detailed pages that will provide hours of entertainment for your child.

15. Greeting card Template – 3 Cards

Finger painting is a great way to use your hands and express yourself creatively. Kids can make an adorable Christmas card with one of our templates and gift it to their loved ones.

A quick summary of the contents of the Christmas Activity Pack,

  • 3 Literacy activities to reinforce Uppercase, lowercase letters, and letter sounds.
  • 5 Math activities to exercise counting and Number recognition from 1 to 20.
  • Other fun stuff includes Trivia, Sudoko, Matching games, etc.
  • Craft templates, Colouring pages, worksheets, and Greeting card templates to spark creativity.

Get this Christmas activity printable pack of 61 Pages

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