Arctic Animals 3 Part Cards Printable

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Are you planning to introduce kids to the Animals of the Arctic? These 3 Part Montessori cards might be the perfect way to learn them. These cards also Pair perfectly with Safari Arctic Toob.

Arctic Animals are incredible creatures that live in the coldest place on Earth.

They are well adapted to the cold climate and are uniquely different. For example, the Arctic Hare have shorter ears than their counterparts in places to conserve energy.

It would be fun to learn about these fantastic animals.

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Arctic Animals 3 Part Cards Printable

This month, we plan to learn about polar regions and do a few Winter-themed activities.

So as part of the Polar Unit study, I created these Arctic Animals 3 part cards. It will be suitable for kids between 2 to 6, and there are so many ways to play with the printable.

For each animal, there is a Control card (Picture and Name), a picture only card, and a Name only card. Montessori 3 part cards are great to encourage kids to learn new things and Improve their vocabulary.

Safari Arctic toob matching cards

This pack pairs perfectly with Safari Arctic toob, which we got recently, and my daughter loves it. It has ten realistic Arctic animal toys the size of a child’s fingers.

Let me show you a few ways to play with the pack (Ages 2 to 6)

  • Three-period lesson for Toddlers. (This is, Show me, what is this?)
  • Picture to Object matching for Toddlers
  • Picture to Picture Matching for Toddlers
  • Complete the 3 part cards for preschoolers (Even non-readers can visually match up the words)
  •  Name card and object matching. (For readers )
  • Name card and Picture matching (For readers)
  • Play a Memory Game

You can also create a flipbook with the Control cards or hang them as a garland in the learning space.

The pack also include some sorting labels to play the sorting game.

Before learning about the animals, wouldn’t it be great if they also knew which part of the world is called Arctics and what is it like there? This pack has 3Fact cards showing the Arctic region on the map and some pictures of the same.

Arctic animals picture to object matching

Here is a list of Arctic Animals that are in the printable

  1. Polar Bear
  2. Caribou
  3. Arctic Rabbit
  4. Arctic Fox
  5. Harp Seal
  6. Killer Whale
  7. Walrus
  8. Beluga Whale
  9. Husky
  10. Igloo

Killer whale 3 part cards arctic animals

This is excellent learning material for preschoolers, and that can be part of Winter themed activities, polar Unit study or Biomes Unit study.

Get this resource from our shop.

I hope you like this Material. I creating another set for the Antarctic and will post it soon.

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