Walrus Craft for Kids {Free Template}

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Discover the Arctic World with an Exciting Walrus Craft for Kids with a Free Printable Template!

This week, our focus is on the polar region and its unique wildlife. As a part of our exploration, we’ve crafted the iconic Arctic animal, the Walrus, using our Kid-friendly template.

Walruses, the creatures of the icy North, make for a captivating craft project that’s perfect for young learners. Let’s see how to make it.

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Walrus craft for kids with template

Things needed to make this Walrus Cut and Paste Craft

  • Walrus Cut and paste Craft  Template (Download at the end of the post)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Blue Cardstock (Optional)
  • White foam sheet (Optional)

Directions to make Walrus cut and Paste Craft

Download and print the Walrus Printable Template available at the End of this Post! Choose from two versions: one pre-coloured, and the other featuring outlines for kids to color and personalize their Walrus. For best results, consider printing on sturdy paper such as cardstock.


Free craft template

After printing, Cut out each component of the Walrus craft template.

Use a paper glue stick to assemble all the pieces.

Your Walrus is almost Ready! You can opt to leave it as is or create an Arctic-themed background which kids will love!

Walrus craft for kids

For Creating the Background we used blue Paper and a white Foam sheet as Ice Sheets. You can simply use White Paper as well! Paste white Paper over the blue sheet such that it covers one-third of the Blue background.

This represents the snowy shoreline by the sea. To add depth, incorporate foam ice blocks on the sea and create waves with white chalk.

Easy Walrus craft

Here’s the walrus created by our 4-year-old daughter. I provided her with the supplies and basic instructions to cut and glue, and she used my work as a reference to create her own version.

Walrus craft done by 4 year old

This project is incredibly simple and perfect for engaging your preschooler this winter. Don’t forget to download the free template located at the end of this post.

Also, here is another fun way to make Walrus Craft by potato stamping:  Potato Printing Ideas for Winter

Here are some Walrus facts for kids

As children work on this craft, they’ll enjoy learning interesting facts about the walrus, making it a fun and educational activity.

  • Walrusses are Huge marine mammals
  • It lives in the Arctic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.
  • They have long tusks and whiskers.
  • They use their front flippers as hands to grab things.
  • Walruses spend most of their time on ice or in the water near ice.
  • They eat sea urchins, crabs, octopus and fish.

Pin it for later and share it with your friends.

Walrus craft with template

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Download the Walrus Template



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