Christmas Busy Book {20+ Interactive Activities}

All activities should be supervised by an adult. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This post may contain affiliate links.

This Christmas Busy Book/Binder is so much fun with 20 Unique activities covering all basic skills. A perfect Activity binder for 2 to 5-year-olds.

Enjoy learning with Cookies, Gingerbread house, Santa and Reindeers!

Christmas Busy book aka activity binder

This post contains affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Christmas Busy Book aka Activity Binder

This Christmas Busy book is an engaging activity book suitable for both Toddlers and Preschoolers.

You can see all the pages of this Christmas activity book in the video. Please enable full screen before watching.

Which Activity is your Favourite?

That’s plenty of Interactive Christmas-themed activities in a single Binder. I designed this book for my daughter when my daughter was three years old, and she loved all the activities.

Here is a brief list of what’s in the Busy book printable?

  •  Interactive busy book pages – Matching, sorting, Counting, Solving, Puzzle, etc.
  • 6 Pre-writing practice & Writing practice pages
  • 8 Christmas Action cards
  • 8 Playdough Mats

How to Make the Christmas Busy book?

I recommend laminating the book for Multiple usages. Here is how I make Busy books for my child.

  • Download the Busy Book Printable. (It is available in both A4 and US Letter Size) Choose your Version and Print the pages.
  • Laminate all the pages. ( I use 80 or 3 Mil Microns Laminating pouches.)
  • Cut out the matching pieces.
  • Add velcro dots to affix the matching pieces
  • Puch holes Organise in a binder.

Now you are ready to go!  Take it along on your travel or Play and learn at home.

Activities from the Busy book

The first half of the Binder has simple Matching Activities with 6 to 10 loose parts for toddlers. Preschoolers will find them easy, yet they too will enjoy playing.

Here is a Gingerbread house, where kids match colourful Candies over the House.

Gingerbread house colour matching

The Christmas Cookies are in all shapes, and kids will have fun matching them to their Shadow. These cookies are also great for pretend play in their Play kitchen.

Christmas cookie sshape matching

Here are Stockings in 4 sizes; kids see where they will fit and match them up.

Christmas stockings size sorting activity

Here is an interesting game where the child has to deliver gifts to kids. But how do they know which gift belongs to which child? Santa’s Gift Guide is the key. Kids will use the Guide and deliver them to 5 Children.

Deliver Santa's gifts matching

Another simple pattern matching game where kids match the ornaments.

Christmas ornaments pattern matching

Do you know the name of Santa’s 9 Reindeers? This activity would be perfect to learn the names of reindeers. Also, you can practice counting with the Reindeers. See how many lights are there in the Antlers and match the numbers.

Counting activity

Next comes the Number and Alphabet matching game for elder kids. They are designed as cookies to make it interesting and you can use these loose parts for many other games.

My daughter loves to feed these cookies to the plush toys.

Christmas cookies number matching

Chistmas cookies Alphabet Matching

Who enjoys decorating Christmas trees? Almost all child does; this activity helps the kid mix match and decorate the tree.

Decorate the christmas tree

Dress up game! My daughter’s Favorite; Dress up the boy or Girl with your favourite costume among the five; Santa, reindeer, snowman, elf and gingerbread man. The costumes also Include matching hats!

Christmas Dressup Game

The Nativity Puzzle Page has five missing pieces that need to be matched.  You can also use this page to teach the birth of Jesus. You might also like our Nativity printable. 

Nativity puzzles

The busy book has 6 Tracing and Writing practice pages to practice Alphabet Lower case, Uppercase, Numbers, shapes, and the first nine strokes.

Christmas prewriting practince

The Christmas activity binder also includes a few action cards and Playdough mats. You can use the playdough mats as drawing props as well.

Playdough mats

This is Jam-packed with Fun Activities and is a must-have Activity binder for both Toddlers and preschoolers.

Christmas busy book printable


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