Popsicle Stick Vampire Craft

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Popsicle stick crafts are always a hit with kids of all ages, especially during Halloween. Get ready for some spooky fun with this Popsicle Stick Vampire craft!

We’ve recently started making Popsicle stick crafts and have been absolutely loving it. Stay tuned for more Halloween-themed Popsicle stick creations; we have plenty more in store for you.

Now, let me walk you through the steps to create this adorable Vampire craft.

Popsicle stick Vampire Craft

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Materials you’ll need for Popsicle Stick Vampire Craft

Watch a Video on How to make this Vampire Craft

Directions to create this Vampire Craft

Start by downloading the template provided at the end of this post and Print it out.

Vampire craft template -free PDF

Use the Template as a guide to cut out the necessary pieces from the red and white cardstock.

Cut out the vampire’s bow, vest, and cape in red, and the shirt and teeth in white.

Cut out the Vampire Pieces

Arrange four Popsicle sticks next to each other and secure them with tape.

Arranging the popsicles Side by side

Flip this arrangement over and outline the hair and suit using a black marker pen. Paint the hair and the lower portion of the sticks with black tempera paint.

Next, it’s time to attach the paper pieces. Stick the cape behind the trapezium piece (which is the vest) below the face portion.

Painting and gluing the parts of Vampire

Attach the white rectangle and the bow. Place the teeth beneath the smile.

Add googly eyes and create a friendly smile.

To add the finishing touches, include details like shirt buttons and bow knots using a black fine liner.

Drawing details on the Popsicle stick vampire

Your craft will be ready in no time! Enjoy creating these spooky vampires and consider making a whole bunch of Halloween popsicle crafts for a fun-filled holiday season.

Popsicle stick Vampire Craft

Toilet Paper roll Vampire Craft

You can easily create a Toilet Paper Roll Vampire using the same template we used for the Popsicle Stick crafts. We made this TP Roll Vampire a couple of years ago along with a group of Halloween characters.

Explore all the creative inspirations you can find with Toilet Paper Rolls.

Halloween Busy Book for Preschoolers

Looking for engaging educational activities to enjoy with kids this Halloween? Discover a playful approach to learning colours, shapes, numbers, and letters with our Halloween Busy Book.

This holiday bestseller isn’t just a favourite at home; It helps kids learn on their own.

Here is one cute page of the busy book where kids size-sort the vampires in the right coffin. It is so much fun, especially for toddlers.

Vampire size sorting in coffin

It’s packed with 11 exciting activities that you can explore in the video below. You can easily obtain our printable Busy Book and create one for your child right at home.

For more images and detailed instructions on making the Book, be sure to check the Blog – Halloween Busy Book

More Halloween Crafts for kids

Halloween crafts for kids

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  • Paper Plate Monsters  – Craft a multitude of adorable monsters using paper plates with different colours and facial features. The Free template includes eyes, teeth, and horns for added fun.

Best Books for Kids about Vampires

  • Vampirina Ballerina – A charming tale of a young vampire’s ballet dreams. Becoming a ballerina is a unique challenge for Vampirina, who must conquer night classes, pink attire, and stage fright.
  • I Love My Fangs – The tale of a vampire who cherishes his tooth, but when it loosens with age, he faces a dilemma: what’s next?


  • Vampire Bite – In this interactive board book, join Victor the vampire in a hilarious Halloween costume mishap. Kids enjoy Snaping the Flags in the book.
  • Vampire Vacation – A Hilarious Picture book about a vampire seeking a hilarious escape from his everyday hotel routine.

If your child adores vampires, they must watch the Transylvania movie series, all four parts. It’s a favourite of my daughter as well!


Popsicle stick Vampire Craft



Download our Free Popsicle Stick Vampire Craft Template

Ready for some vampire fun? Create this Popsicle stick Vampire Craft by grabbing the free template. No sign-up is needed—just download and enjoy!


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