Paper Plate Monster Craft

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If you’re looking for a Fun and Easy Halloween craft to do with the kids, look no further than Paper Plate Monster Craft! Using just paper plates, paint and our free printable template, you can create a colourful menagerie of scary (or not-so-scary) creatures.

These little monsters are sure to delight both little ones and adults alike. Plus, they make great decor for parties or as a whimsical addition to any room in your home. Give these friendly monsters a try today!

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Paper Plate Monster Craft

This blog includes a free Monster Template for the eyes, mouths, and horns.

Let the kids choose their favourite Monster design and have them cut out the pieces using the template as a guide. They can then decorate their monster by glueing on their eyes, adding horns, or drawing on extra details using markers or crayons.

Supplies you will need

Directions to Make Paper Plate Monster Craft

Paint the 9-inch plates with washable paint in the colour of your choice. Let the Plates completely dry.

To skip the Painting step, you can get Colourful Paper Plates.

Download the free monster template at the end of the post and print the Template. You will have 3 pages -with a set of Eyes, Mouth and Horns.

Cut out the required template and glue it to the plate.

Tada! You monsters are ready!

Make a Bunch of colourful monsters with varying colours and features. It would be so much fun! Here are some ones that we did!

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These cute little monsters make for playful decorations or even party favours for a Halloween celebration.  So gather your supplies and get ready to bring some monster fun to your Halloween festivities. Happy crafting!

Download your Monster Template

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