Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow

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Children commonly associate scarecrows with fear and intimidation. But not this cute little Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow!

You might like to know that ideas for repurposing toilet paper rolls are abundant, and this scarecrow is no exception. And it’s an excellent addition to your fall centrepiece decorations.

We’ve got plenty of other scarecrow activities featured on our blog too, be sure to explore them all!

Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow Craft

Here’s what you’ll need to make this Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow

The best part is that these are all items you likely already have at home.

Watch a Video on How to make a Toilet Paper roll Scarecrow

Directions to make Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow

Grab a toilet paper roll and wrap 2/3 of each roll with construction paper. Secure the paper in place using glue. Feel free to select any colour that suits your preference.

Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow Craft

Now for the scarecrow’s hair. Take a quarter piece of yellow paper and fringe it to resemble the scarecrow’s hair.

Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow Craft

Trim it into a curve and attach it to the top end of the toilet paper roll, as shown in the image.

Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow Craft

Stick two googly eyes onto the roll and add a smile using a black marker.

Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow Craft

To create the scarecrow’s arms, use a popsicle stick. Use a sharp cutter to make two slits on the sides of the toilet paper roll. Insert the sticks to form its arms.

Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow Craft

And lastly, for the hat, grab a cupcake liner and trim it approximately 1cm around the edges. Attach the cupcake liner on top using glue.

Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow Craft

Add some final touches, such as buttons or patches of cloth, to give your scarecrow a more authentic look.

Voilà, your scarecrow craft is complete!

Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow Craft

This craft is incredibly easy for kids to create independently, making it a perfect preschool project to recycle empty toilet paper rolls this fall.

Enhance your crafting experience by adding these Scarecrow books for kids to make it even more fun!

Fall Busy Book for Kids

Introducing our Fall Busy Book for Kids, an ideal educational resource for the autumn season.

This book covers a wide range of fundamental topics, from teaching colours, numbers, and letters to introducing the signs of fall and the names of mushrooms.

It’s a fantastic addition to your child’s learning binders.

One of the interactive pages features a playful Scarecrow activity that helps kids practice numbers 1 to 10.

Children match the displaced numbers with the corresponding corn on the 10-frame, creating an engaging and enjoyable learning experience.

This is just one of the 11 interactive activities included in our Fall Busy Book. Be sure to explore all the exciting fall-themed activities within its pages.

Best Scarecrow Books for Little Learners

The Scarecrow Wedding by Julia Donaldson is a delightful children’s book that tells the heartwarming tale of two scarecrows who fall in love and decide to have a wedding.

Otis and The Scarecrow by Loren Long is a story of a Scarecrow,  recently introduced to a farm to ward off bothersome crows, and when joined by Otis the Tractor, it crafts an enchanting and delightful story.


The Little Scarecrow Boy by Margret Brown Wise is an interesting story of a young scarecrow who gains wisdom from his experienced scarecrow father and tries to test it.

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Happy crafting!



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