Toilet Paper Roll Owl Craft

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This Toilet Paper Roll Owl Craft is super cute and kids will love creating it. Print, cut, and glue to make this cute little bird!

Although we painted our owl craft in brown, a snowy owl variation is easily achievable by simply using white paint! For additional inspiration, take a look at our vast array of Toilet Paper Crafts for kids. 

Toilet Paper Roll owl craft with Free template

Toilet Paper Roll  Owl Craft

Crafting with Toilet Paper Rolls is a fun activity for children that promotes creativity and enhances fine motor skills. It also offers the opportunity to teach children about recycling and repurposing materials.

While this project is ideally suited for kids aged four and above, younger children can still relish this craft with a little assistance from an adult.

Things you will need to make this Owl Craft

  • Empty Toilet Paper Roll
  • Owl Template (Download it at the end of the post)
  • Brown Paint (Washable paint)
  • Yellow construction paper
  • Brown Craft Pap

Directions to make a Toilet Paper roll Owl Craft

Download the template at the end of the post and print it out. Using the template cut out pieces of owl wings, beak and head features with brown and yellow paper.

For the eyes, we will be using the ones from the template!

Owl craft template

Now paint the Toilet paper roll brown on all sides.

Paint the toilet paper roll brown

First, Stick the Wings

Attach owl wings

Next, Attach the Head feature and later the eyes. Stick the nose as well.

Stick owl eyes

Add a few feather details on the body and your Toilet paper roll owl will be ready in no time.

Toilet paper roll owl craft

Experiment with a variety of colours to make Variations for more fun!

TP roll owl craft for kids

We made this Owl craft along with two more Birds – a Chick and a Colourful Macaw using just toilet paper rolls. You need to check them out as well.

You might also like this Super Easy Penguin Craft, which can be made without a Template.

Do you have any specific bird you like us to showcase?  Let us know in the comments!

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