Paper Mouse Craft

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If you’re searching for a simple and utterly charming project, you’re in the right place. Our Easy Paper Mouse Craft, which can easily double as a Paper Rat Craft, is super simple to make.

And we even have a free Printable Mouse Template to make it even easier. This Paper mouse can stand up on their own and you can make them in any color you want.

You can use them as Story puppets to go along with Books like “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”  or “Maisy” Series.

Moreover, Mouse is the Vahana of Lord Ganesh and this Mouse Craft would be a great Craft to make during the Festival of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Paper Mouse Craft for kids

Things you will need to make this Paper Mouse Craft

The Craft is super simple and you need only a few supplies!

Instead of Cardstock, you can make this craft with Construction paper as well.

Watch the Video on How to make a Paper mouse

Directions on how to make this Mouse Craft

Start by downloading the Mouse template at the end of the post and then print it. After that, cut out the template pieces.

Use these template pieces to cut out the body, tail, and outer ears in blue, and the inner ears in black. You can also cut the inner ears in white or pink.

For the nose, cut a circle from a black sheet, and you’ll need 2 small strips for the whiskers.

Cutting out mouse craft pieces from The template

Now that all the pieces are ready, let’s stick them together.

First, take the triangle body part and fold forward 3 cm of the longer edge to make the mouse head.

Mouse face by folding the paper

Next, fold the other two edges backwards. This will help the mouse stand upright.

Folding the mouse Body

Roll up the tail and stick it on one of the folds at the bottom.

Sticking the Mouse Tail

Now, stick two eyes onto the mouse’s face.

Stick the inner ears over the outer ears and attach them behind the face.

Sticking the Mouse Ears

Finally, let’s make the whiskers and the nose. Place the strips in a cross shape at the tip of the face, and then place the black circle over it to complete the mouse craft!

Sticking the mouse nose and whiskers

This craft will only take about 10 minutes to make, and it’s perfect for preschoolers.

Paper mouse Craft

You can even make some cheese to go along with the mouse by cutting out circles from yellow paper. Kids will love making this craft!

Paper Mosue Craft for kids

So begin immediately by downloading the template at the end of the post!

Additionally, you can enhance your crafting experience by discovering interesting facts about mice.

Fun facts about Mouse

1. Mice have super-sensitive whiskers to help them feel their way around.

2. A mouse can jump up to 18 inches high, which is like a person jumping over a house!

3. Mice can eat about 15-20 times a day because they have tiny tummies.

4. These little creatures are amazing climbers and can scamper up walls and even hang from ceilings.

5. A mommy mouse can have lots of babies at once, sometimes up to a dozen or more!

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Save this step-by-step instructional image for the Mouse Craft on Pinterest so you can easily reference it in the future when necessary.

Download the Free Printable Mouse Template

Optionally, You can cut these shapes even without the mouse template because they are really simple basic shapes. But here is the template link for you to download for free.


Mouse Craft Printable Template 

Please remember these are only for non-commercial use. Thanks!



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