Fall Busy Book with 11 Interactive Activities

All activities should be supervised by an adult. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This post may contain affiliate links.

Looking for a fun and interactive way to keep your Toddler or Preschooler Busy this fall? Look no further than our Fall Busy Book! This 11-page book is full of fall-themed activities that will keep your little one engaged and learn about fall.

Fall busy book Printable

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

What will Kids learn with the Fall Busy book printable?

The Fall Busy Binder has 11 interesting Topics that are perfect for young children.

  1. Learn to build name with Fall leaves
  2. Shapes
  3. Colours of Fall 
  4. What animals do in Fall Season
  5. Leaves, Nuts and Cones of Fall
  6. Number Identification 1 to 10
  7. counting 1 to 10
  8. Types of Mushrooms
  9. Lowercase Letters and Building a 3 Letter word
  10. The life cycle of Pumpkin
  11. Signs of Fall

These Topics are designed with a variety of activities like Sorting, Matching, Puzzle, 10 Frame counting, etc. This makes learning Enjoyable.

Let’s Look inside Fall Busy Book

Here is a very Quick preview of all the Activity pages from the Fall Busy book.


How to make the Busy Book?

  • Get the Busy Book Printable
  • Print the Activity Pages, Laminate them, and Organise them in a File folder.
  •  Laminated and Cut out the Pieces in the Cutout pages. Affix them using Self Adhesive velcro dots.

Here is a Detailed article on how to make a Busy Book + Tools and Supplies needed.

11 Activities from the Fall Busy Book

Like spring, we can see a lot of changes in the environment during Fall. Leaves change colour, Animals change Behaviours, and We wear different clothing and so on!

This Busy Book captures all the Most common Fall scenes with cute graphics and is a perfect Fall Activity Binder for Toddlers and Preschoolers. Check it out in the pictures below.

Fall Name Building Activity
Build the Child’s Name and Age
Squirrel and Acons shape matching
Shape Squirrels vs Shape Acorns – Fun matching Activity

During Fall, a lot of changes happen in Plants. Learn why and also the Yellow, red and orange pigments that give the leaf its colour. Toddlers can simply sort the colours.

Fall colour soring Activity
Colours of Fall – Sorting Activity

Animals Prepare for the coming winter months. What do they do exactly? This page will show you a general idea of Hibernation, Migration and Adaptation.

ANimals in Fall - Learn with printable
What do animals do in the Fall? – Shadow Matching
Fall Leaves matching
Unique Leaves, Cones and Nuts of Fall – Matching
corn counting 10 frame
10 Frame counting with Corn cobs.
Fall busy book - counting 1 to 10
Practice Counting with Mushrooms
Types of mushroom Printable
Learn the Types of Mushroom By Matching them with Silhouettes.

It would be fun to build words using Alphabet pumpkins, while toddlers can simply match them on the Activity page. (The final version is slightly different from the image below and has letters on the activity page as well)

Fall Busy book - Alphabet Pumpkins
Alphabet Pumpkins – Arrange in order

The Final one is,  Learn the signs of Fall by completing the picture. 

Signs of Fall with simple puzzle
Learn the signs of Fall with a simple Puzzle

These 11 Activities are suitable for Toddlers and Preschoolers! You can either laminate and make a Velcro matching activity or Simply print on cardstock, cut and use it for your Fall Unit study.

Have you checked our Summer and Spring Busy Books? A winter one is coming too! It would be fun to have a new one for each season and learn new things.

Get The Fall Busy Book Printable 



Note: If you want any of these pages as a separate printable, Please leave a comment so I can make a separate listing. For now, you can download the whole Set here.

Also, Let me know which activity is your favourite.

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