Halloween Busy Book

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The Best Halloween Busy Book for Kids

Are you looking for Halloween-themed activities for Your Toddler? We’ve got you covered! Our Halloween Busy Book has 11 Awesome activities, so perfect for Toddlers and Preschoolers.

This Toddler’s first Halloween Learning binder encourages learning basic Shapes, colours, Numbers 1 to 10 and the Alphabet. It also supports practising their basic skills—an All-in-one Activity book.

Halloween Busy book printable

Look inside the Halloween Busy Book

Each Halloween Busy Book activity page is unique, colourful and Interactive. Thus toddlers will find it easy to complete and will love to do it repeatedly.

Let’s take a quick tour of all the inside pages of the Busy book in this video or scroll to see Pictures of the book.

As you see, It is a very convenient book to take along during your travel and keep your Toddler busy. You can get Our printable PDF and Make this book for your child.

List of the activities in the Halloween Busy book

Here is a list of all the activities of the busy book in order, as shown in the video.

  •  Learn to Spell the Child’s Name
  • Colours matching
  • Shapes matching
  •  Size sorting
  • Pattern matching
  • Shadow matching
  • Counting practice
  • Number identification & counting practice
  •  Alphabet recognition and matching
  • Find the other half
  • Halloween dress-up game

11 Interactive Halloween Activities

The First Few pages have Easy beginner activities, working on their visual discrimination skills. This Haunted house has different Windows of Different Shapes, and kids will learn the shapes while matching them to their respective positions.

Ghost house window shape matching activity

These colourful Monsters are incomplete. So the Kids visually discriminate the colours and will complete the Puzzles. Aren’t these monsters Cute?

Friendly monster colour matching activity

Do you know where Vampires sleep? As seen in the cartoon, Kids know they fit themselves comfortably in a coffin and sleep.    This is a fun activity, where they put the Sleeping Vampires in Coffins that match by size.

Vampire size sorting in coffin

Here are a few more simple matching Games that work on Discrimination; patterns, Shadows and Emotions. Also, an Alphabet matching game with Halloween candies is such a great way to practice alphabet.

Pattern matching, Shadow matching, Emotion matching, alphabet matching

We have two different activities to practice numbers, and one is Counting the Halloween Items and matching the Numbers.

Halloween counting practice

Another is this Ghost Haunter tree activity, a fun way to work on number identification and counting. Kids see the Displayed Number and place an equivalent number of ghosts on the tree.

Ghost counting activity

The last activity is the Halloween dress-up page, where kids love to put on different Scary costumes. There are seven costumes, including a witch, vampire, frank einstein, and Zombie. Believe me, Kids of all ages will love this activity.

Halloween costumes kids paper

Moreover, this Halloween Busy Book comes with a beautiful cover page and an About me page where you can add your Child’s Name and age. Which page do you love the most?

halloween busy book printable PDF

This Halloween Busy book is full of Interactive Activities and is great to use during Fall/ Halloween Month.  Toddlers always love these kinds of interactive Activities.

So What is the suitable age group?

Perfect for Toddlers from 18 months. But if you believe your child is ready, you can introduce it earlier. Some Activities like Letters and Numbers are great for Preschoolers.

How to make the book? First, Print and laminate the pages. Then, Cut the matching pieces out and add velcro. For a detailed tutorial, Check out How to Make a Printable Busy Book. 

How long does it take? Approximately 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours to print, laminate, cut, and organise.

Get the Halloween Busy Book Printable

If you like to learn more about Busy Books in General, please check out this blog. Learn why your child needs a busy book. 

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